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double trailer for abf freightEvery other year the American Trucking Associations releases a list of the most prestigious and commandeering truck drivers in the nation. These are the creme de la creme of the trucking industry, the leaders you all strive to be like. It is the ultimate goal for some professional career truck drivers to be one of the ATA’s America’s Road Team finalists.

Four ABF Freight Drivers and Finalists

Well, for not one but four truck drivers at ABF Freight were selected to be on America’s Road Team for 2019 and 2020. If you are interested in getting one of those finalist slots for 2021 and 2022, listen up on how to work for a trucking company that will take you there.

To be one of the ATA’s America’s Road Team finalists takes more than just sending in an application for the coveted driver’s seat. You have to be nominated to start by someone who believes in you as a truck driver. You must also have a pristine safe driving record aka zero incidents or accidents. You are also required to be employed or driving as an owner-operator leased by a trucking company that is an American Trucking Associations members.

Nominations for ATA's America's Road Team

Among those nominations, only the best 34 finalists are chosen based on their professional image as a truck driver, passion for their trucking jobs, and commitment to safe driving skills. To be four of the 34 total finalists is such an accomplishment for the ABF Freight truck driving fleet. These four drivers include:

  • Sammy Brewster, a truck driver in Atlanta, Georgia of more than 29 years who is also on the ABF Freight Road Team for 2018 and 2019
  • Scott Davis, a 43-year truck driver in Kansas City, Missouri who has reached the 4 million safe miles driving record in his career and is a two-time ABF Freight Road Team member
  • Brian Petrovcic is a truck driver in North Lima, Ohio who is also a two-time ABF Freight Road Team member, as well as a 2017 Ohio Driver of the Year Finalist with over 28 years in the truck driving industry
  • Todd Wilemon is a 35-year trucker from Tupelo, Mississippi who is a two-time ABF Freight Road Team member, Share the Road instructor for student drivers, and a participant in the annual Mississippi Truck Driving Championships

Each of these truck drivers was nominated and selected based on their perfect driving careers. “These four drivers have put safety at the forefront over the course of their careers. At ABF Freight, we are honored that Sammy, Scott, Brian, and Todd are representing us as finalists for America's Road Team. I congratulate each of them for this recognition,” said Tim Thorne who is ABF Freight President.

Chris Spear, American Trucking Associations President, and CEO, added, “ATA believes the men and women who work safely day after day to deliver our goods — truck drivers — are the best representatives of the trucking industry and we are inspired by the finalists for the upcoming class of America's Road Team. Throughout the evaluation process, we read and heard stories from truck drivers about pride, courage, and selflessness — the kinds of stories we are excited to share with the public, media and elected officials.”

American Trucking Associations COO and Executive Vice President of Industry Affairs Elisabeth Barna said, “The trucking industry has millions of truck drivers who work tirelessly to safely deliver goods to our communities, so it is a major responsibility to represent that workforce as an America’s Road Team Captain. These finalists and all the nominees are valuable representatives for our industry and we are looking forward to meeting them in January and welcoming a new team to join the proud legacy of being an America’s Road Team Captain.”

ATA America’s Road Team Nominations

If you are interested in getting nominated, work for a trucking company like ABF Freight that is active in the ATA community. Then, compete in truck driving competitions to showcase your safety skills and start earning awards. At this point, you will be in the prime position to be one of the next nominees for one of the future ATA America’s Road Team driver finalists and captains.

Speaking of the Road Team Captains, the finalists will be winnowed down on January 30 at an event held in Washington, DC. Then we will find out how many of the ABF Freight truck drivers reached the final selection and made it on to America's Road Team.

Source: ABF Freight - News

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