CFI Named Full Truckload Carrier of the Year by project44

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green grasses along side CFI truckThe Missouri trucking company CFI has achieved great heights by being named as 2017 Full Truckload Carrier of the Year by project44. CFI is an OTR trucking company that was formerly known as Con-way Truckload. Today CFI is pushing forward with technology that helps customers receive shipping information more efficiently. When shipping customers can keep track of their shipments, it increases their confidence in their haulers. More importantly, this helps CFI maintain a steady stream of shipping customers, and that is great news for truck drivers running freight for the carrier. Find out exactly what CFI is doing to keep its shipping customers satisfied, as well as what it takes to join the CFI freight-hauling fleet.

Need for Freight Tracking

One of the biggest concerns that shipping customers have with freight hauling is the security and location of their goods. They want to know their shipment is securely in route. Shipping customers often need to know exactly where their freight is to the minute and the mile. They may be attempting to book lumpers or a loading dock. More likely they are on a super tight delivery schedule for a warehouse, distribution center, or retail store.

In today’s high-speed freight market, this is becoming increasingly common. Shippers want their freight delivered a day before they even get it schedule due to receivers waiting on the other end. All of this boils down to one thing—trucking companies like CFI must have a plan in place to make freight tracking more efficient.

CFI Offers Freight Transparency

CFI has done just that. The Missouri truckload company provides instant visibility for shipment status. In addition, shipping customers can access their shipment history at any stage in the delivery. This helps shippers make faster decisions, and any possible risks like late deliveries are detected far before they become a reality. All in all, the actual time of arrival is more accurate than ever before.

Regarding the new technology, the president of CFI Greg Orr stated, “Rolling out a digital approach across all business units, including our brokerage operation, has enabled improved speed and productivity. CFI customers are benefiting from increased visibility, responsiveness, and capacity to serve their needs more effectively. We’re honored to receive the 2017 Truckload Carrier of the Year Award from project44, and look forward to continuing work with them to better meet future customer expectations for visibility.”

About project44

So what is this project44 all about? Also known as p44, this is a technology company focused on transportation management. With project44, trucking companies have access to digital shipping services, which include automated pricing, real-time routing, and automated scheduling. Automation involves using technology to replace manual functions.

For example, with automated scheduling, trucking companies can automatically dispatch a driver by pushing a key on their keyboard. They can then receive carrier pickup information using the same automated system. It is a great way for trucking companies to save time and reduce manual processes, which also save them money.

What does that mean for truck drivers? Drivers operating for tech-savvy trucking companies like CFI have the advantage of using these automated services, as well. For instance, drivers for companies like CFI don’t have to spend time handwriting invoices or sending everything in by mail. They don’t have to call shipping customers to get directions or spend hours waiting around for dispatchers to get back to them with shipping instructions.

It’s all about saving everyone in the shipping and freight departments time and energy. Automated systems also reduce human error by cutting down the number of steps it takes for people to do repetitive tasks, such as submitting POs or receiving routing information.

Driving a Truck for CFI

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