Daseke Acquires Glass Hauling Carrier Moore Freight Services

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truck for moore freight servicesIn one of three acquisitions in December 2017, Daseke, Inc. has recently purchased Moore Freight Services. This is a trucking company that provides specialized loads focused on glass hauling. In fact, there are only three of these flatbed glass hauling trucking companies currently operating in the US. Part of this is because carriers must have equipment configured to safely transport glass loads. Check out what it takes to be a glass hauler and why Moore Freight Service has chosen to join forces with the flatbed trucking powerhouse, Daseke.

History of Moore Freight Services

Moore Freight Services was founded in 2001 in Mascot, Tennessee just outside of Knoxville. Founder and CEO Dan Moore had worked in the glass hauling industry in a maintenance facility at A.J. Metler. This is where his passion for glass transport took root. He worked as the director of safety and then later as the company vice president. Then A.J. Metler was bought out, and Moore was left in a predicament. He could either relocate with his family or strike out solo. He took the latter option, and Moore Freight Services was born.

The first customer at Moore Freight Services was Ford Glass, which was a division of the automobile manufacturer. The shipments were hauled out of Tulsa, Oklahoma where Ford Glass manufactured residential and architectural glass. The problem was that MFS was stuck deadheading back from these Oklahoma loads to the Tennessee home base. All of those deadhead miles cost the company a substantial amount of money. In fact, the glass freight hauler was losing half of its total revenue due to deadheading.

Soon another customer contacted Moore Freight Service, reducing the expense of those deadhead miles and putting MFS in the red. It wasn’t long until the company was growing by leaps and bounds. As a result, Moore Freight Service was featured by Inc. Magazine on the list of America’s Fastest Growing Companies from 2008 to 2012. This secured Moore’s trucking company as a leader in the glass hauling industry and attracted a greater number of clientele and contracts.

Becoming a Flatbed Glass Hauler

The flatbed glass hauling company expanded to four locations throughout North America to provide more trucking jobs and customer opportunities. Today MFS has 300 specialized flatbed trailers for hauling glass. These include A-frame mounting systems for single and double drop deck configurations, as well as flatbed and specialized trailers. The carrier has also expanded into box trailers that feature a proprietary system for loading and unloading glass freight. This rolling rack loading system is patented by Mr. Moore.

The company also provides truck drivers with paid glass training when they are hired on and throughout their career at MFS. This ensures drivers have the skills needed to transport flat glass without breakage. Truck drivers are trained to transport uncrated and crated glass successfully. In addition, Moore Freight Services provides tools needed for securing loads and protecting it from the weather. All of this gives drivers the confidence and capabilities of transporting flat glass from coast to coast.

As for paying truck drivers to handle these specialized loads, Moore Freight Services Chief Operating Officer Grant Mize said, “We realize what we do is very specialized. It takes careful loading and careful driving to ensure a safe delivery. So, we compensate drivers well with the highest pay in the industry. We’re also particular about who we hire. We need experienced drivers and those who can fit into our culture. Not everyone qualifies. Those who do join us, stay. We very proudly have only a 15 percent driver turnover rate.”

MFS and Daseke Team Up

In the flatbed trucking industry, one company has exceeded growth expectations to become the biggest flatbed carrier group. We are talking about Daseke, Inc., a trucking company that has acquired more than a dozen companies in flatbed hauling in just a few years. Now Daseke is acquiring Moore Freight Services to increase the abilities of MFS even further.

Moore believes that Daseke is the key to this growth. When asked why Moore chose to go with Daseke, “I researched Don Daseke and the way he does business. He’s the only consolidator doing what he does. He supports each company that joins the family. He knows the operators are the experts. He supplies the capital for growth, and he has programs we can share in: collaboration with other elite Daseke companies, consolidated purchasing power, top-tier liability and health insurance, plus the driver stock ownership program.

All of this will help us and improve our bottom line. But, first and foremost, we would have never joined Daseke if I didn’t think it was best for our people. Per my vow in 2001, we need to be with a permanent home with a bright future — and Daseke is that home.”

By adding one of the only three flatbed glass haulers in the nation to the Daseke fleet of companies, CEO Don Daseke is able to fulfill a customer niche. Daseke adds, “That is a niche, a great niche, where only the best can scale up. We will put our full support behind Moore Freight Service and help them to accelerate their scale.

Not just anyone can haul oversized glass. It takes expertise that will not only maximize the load but also ensure its safety. Dan has been strategic with his patents, locations and especially his people. He and his management team are laser-focused on hauling glass. It will be exciting to watch them grow with Daseke.”

Source: Daseke - News

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