Daseke, Inc. Adds Aveda Transportation to List of Trucking Companies

Tuesday, May 8 2018 admin

over the road truckIn the trucking company network, one company has rapidly risen to the ranks of having the most carriers in its community. We are talking about Daseke, Inc., a company out of Texas that now owns more than two dozen trucking companies. From flatbed haulers to glass carriers, Daseke is now expanding to another industry segment. Check out the acquisition of Aveda Transportation, which is an oil rig moving company.

About Aveda Transportation

Aveda Transportation and Energy Services has pushed forward to become one of the biggest oil rig hauling operations in North America. The company handles oil rig moving services throughout the US, as well as in Canada. This type of specialized hauling involves transporting heavy equipment, tanker loads, water transport, and chemicals including petroleum. Only those truck drivers with the highly skilled driving and hauling experience can manage these heavy loads. Also, the drivers at Aveda Transportation have to be fully endorsed on their CDL. This involves getting the tanker endorsement, hazmat hauls endorsement, and the endorsement to transport doubles/triples.

All in all, the Aveda Transportation company will add about 430 tractors and 660 trailers to the Daseke network of carriers. The company also has light trucks that accommodate local and regional hauling. When asked about the company’s latest acquisition, CEO and chairman of Daseke, Don Daseke, said, “Aveda has built a team with a passion for excellence and a clear vision of their goals thanks to a leadership team that has orchestrated a significant turnaround in the company. Aveda is a great company with quality people, a specialized value-additive business and a blue-chip customer base.”

He continued to say, “This transaction is a strong fit for our company and shareholders as Aveda has demonstrated the ability to outpace their market’s growth rate, and we expect joining Daseke will enable them to fuel their continued outperformance. This merger aligns with our stated goal of entering specialized niches where we use our scale to make our operating companies even stronger.”

Truck Drivers for Aveda Transportation

The oil rig moving company of Aveda Transportation is more than just a high paying trucking company offering specialized freight hauling. The carrier also prides itself on being a carrier with some of the lowest rates of employee turnover in the US. This is in part to the competitive wages, as well as continued driver training and personal development. Also, truck drivers at Aveda Transportation can take advantage of career advancements that help them rise to the top of the truck driver job pool. All of this growth has taken place over several years, which has allowed Aveda Transportation to be recognized as a consistent player in the freight hauling sector for oil mining companies.

When asked how Aveda Transportation is approaching the acquisition, Ronnie Witherspoon, CEO and President of Aveda, said, “Over the past two years, we have taken significant measures to improve our revenue, expand gross margins and generate meaningful adjusted EBITDA growth. The ‘Aveda Way’ is our fundamental company philosophy to the rig moving experience, and it is grounded in the best people, working safely, and using the best equipment to drive industry-leading results. With 90 percent of our operations in the US, we believe joining Daseke’s expansive US operations will provide us with significant benefits due to their scale and resources. This will serve to strengthen our philosophy, and our entire team is excited to join forces as one.”

Working for Aveda Transportation

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Finding Trucking Jobs

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Source: Daseke - Press Release

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