All About DMS Express Trucking Jobs

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truck on the road for dms expressIf you live in the Northeast or in New Jersey trucking jobs can be hard to find. For starters, you have the difficult weather conditions throughout the winter season. From whiteout conditions and freeze warnings, it takes a dedicated person to handle hauls in New Jersey during this time of the year. Also, the minimal space of the state limits the number of trucking companies available to haulers. Thankfully there is DMS Express, a national trucking company based in New Jersey. Find out what you need to know about working for DMS as an over the road truck driver.

History of DMS Express

DMS Express was established in 1991 as a New Jersey trucking company. The carrier provides nationwide trucking jobs in the Lower 48 states. As a family owned and operated trucking business, this small-scale fleet provides in-house dispatching and truck maintenance. Yet the company is connected to one of the biggest carriers in the US—CH Robinson Worldwide. As an affiliate of CH Robinson, DMS Express is contracted to haul plenty of loads on a regular basis. Truck drivers at DMS benefit from this connection, which keeps them rolling and hauling freight all year long.

SmartWay Transport Partner

As a SmartWay partner, DMS Express is pushing forward with efficient fleet operations. The EPA SmartWay program is an opportunity for trucking companies of all sizes to improve their fuel efficiencies and reduce diesel emissions. By partnering with the program, carriers including DMS learn how to save money on fuel, while getting more mileage out of their equipment. It’s a win-win that helps to save the environment along with saving trucking companies money.

DMS Express joins some of the biggest names in trucking as a partner with the SmartWay program. Other leaders in the industry that are SmartWay affiliates include Swift Transportation, FedEx Freight, and Southern Refrigerated Transport. In becoming a partner, DMS shows its ability and willingness to move forward with modern freight hauling. At the same time, this partnership increases the number of shipping customers working with DMS. Customers who demand a more fuel efficient shipper can trust in the services of DMS Express.

Hauling for DMS in New Jersey

To get hired by DMS Express for New Jersey trucking jobs, you’ll need to be a CDL truck driver with a Class A license. The company also contracts with customers who want hazardous material hauled, so if you are hazmat endorsed you stand a great shot of getting hired on.

In addition, almost all of the loads hauled by DMS are drop and hook freight, minimizing the work for truck drivers. Drivers stuck with deadhead miles receive compensation for these unloaded miles. At the same time, the company operates using top of the line trucking equipment. Company drivers at DMS Express pull Kenworth or Freightliner model big rigs.

Truck Driver Benefits

Drivers for DMS get the option to sign up for company medical benefits. Also, one of the incentives for drivers is to receive a paid gym membership that helps drivers stay in shape. Company drivers are also eligible to receive referral bonuses of $500 per referred drivers who are signed on with the carrier. The company regularly hosts contests to see which truck drivers can get the most referrals. These contests reward drivers with an additional monetary bonus of $650 on top of the $500 per referral they’ve already received. The goal of these referrals is to attract more high-quality truck drivers to the company.

As DMS Express has plenty of hauls in New Jersey, they need to increase their driver capacity. More drivers equal more opportunities to expand with a greater number of customer contracts. Thanks to the connections with CH Robinson, DMS is a proven industry leader that has the abilities to grow and make more money. For truck drivers who are interested in joining a family owned trucking fleet with the opportunity for growth, DMS Express is a great place to start.

If you are interested in hauling freight in New Jersey for DMS Express, put your application in today. The company is seeking out truck drivers with experience in OTR freight hauling. If you already have your Class A CDL and some verifiable experience in trucking, submit your application for trucking jobs to get started. You will be on the fast track to success with truck driving positions near you.

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