How to Find Free CDL Classes Near Me

Tuesday, Feb 19 2019 Randall-Reilly Editor

Truck driver cdl trainingSo you’ve heard that there are trucking companies in the US that train student drivers for free. Sounds good, but too good to be true? Not at all. There is a solid percentage of trucking companies that provide free training for students. The trick is finding these companies as they are located near you. To help you out, here is a guide on finding free CDL classes near you.

Find Trucking Schools Near Me

The first place to go for your search is to Trucker Classifieds to look for trucking schools in your area. Look up trucking schools in your state. From here you can click on each school and go to additional information about the training program the school offers. Find out the facts fast and save yourself so much time on searching for all the trucking schools near you. Now you can start narrowing down your search for those schools with free CDL training.

Finding Trucking Companies With CDL Training

Another way you can look for trucking companies that offer paid CDL training is to search for trucking companies hiring. Here at Trucker Classifieds, we feature a comprehensive list of trucking companies hiring now. From here you can scroll through and pick out those companies that you are familiar with. If you want to find trucking companies in your state and city, go to our super simple search for trucking jobs at the top of our page.

After you have streamlined the trucking companies in your area, click on each company to see if they offer paid CDL training. Since you have narrowed down these carriers by state, you save a ton of time in locating schools near you. The trucking companies typically will sponsor truck driving students at partnering schools or colleges.

However, some companies offer paid CDL training onsite at their headquarters or their private trucking school. Those companies that provide paid CDL training either onsite or at a partnering school will mention this with their job postings for student driving opportunities.

You can also search for trucking companies hiring student drivers. On the left side of our truck driving company search page, you’ll see an option to search by Driver Type. In the category listing, you will see Student. Select this option and you’ll get all of the trucking job postings in your city and/or state that are for student drivers. These are the trucking companies you want to apply to when trying to get free CDL classes near you. These companies are more likely to hire you without a CDL and to provide you with paid or free CDL training.

Other Tips for Finding CDL Training Near Me

When you are trying to get a truck driving company to pay for your truck driver training, understand there is something they expect in return. Whether your truck driver training is free or paid for by the carrier, you are not out free and clear just like that. Trucking companies will expect you to work for a period of time after you complete truck driving school. This is in exchange for providing you with the resources to train to become a truck driver. It’s a great situation, as long as you are fully committed to staying with that particular company for often a year or more.

Finding Other Trucking Jobs for Student Drivers

If you want another route for finding student driver jobs, we’ve got you covered. After you find a trucking school in your state using Trucker Classifieds and get your CDL, you are ready to start working as a student driver. Search for trucking jobs for new hires and student drivers here at Trucker Classifieds. Look up truck driving jobs for flatbeds, dry vans, reefer trailers, and tanker trailer loads. You can also find truck driving companies hiring OTR truck drivers, regional truck drivers, and LTL drivers.

When you find some of the best paying trucking jobs for your haul type, send in your application online using our free job application service. That’s right, you can even apply to trucking jobs for free here at Trucker Classifieds.

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