Hornady Transportation Guarantees $1,000 for Truckers

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hornady truck drivers stand in front of trucksHornady Transportation has been around for nearly a century and it’s easy to see why. The trucking company in Alabama, which is a subsidiary of Daseke, is now offering one of the best deals for truck drivers in the Southeast. As a flatbed truck driver, you can earn a guaranteed minimum pay of $1,000 weekly when driving for this trucking company. Check out exactly how much you can make as a truck driver at Hornady Transportation and what to expect when you are hired by the carrier.

Guaranteed Pay Program

Company drivers for Hornady Transportation can now earn at least $1,000 every single week they are out on the road. That is a pay guarantee for this fleet of drivers who are also earning up to 52 cents per mile. This pay level sets Hornady Transportation at the top of the pack in terms of the best-paying trucking companies. Why is this company offering such a great pay package for truckers?

According to Chris Hornady, CEO of Hornady Transportation, “Drivers are the heart and soul of our company, and they make sacrifices by being away from home and loved ones. The guarantee gives them assurances of being paid, even if they’re not driving due to customer delays, congestion, operations, and market conditions. Rolling out this program will help protect our drivers from issues they have no control over.”

Truck Driving Obstacles

Hornady Transportation is addressing some of the biggest problems that plague long-haul truckers. Traffic congestion, customer delays, detention time, layovers due to hours of service rules, construction zones, equipment malfunctions, etc.—each of these issues has the potential to ruin the weekly pay of any trucker. Unfortunately, this kind of situation happens for all truckers.

By giving company drivers a minimum pay amount each week, no matter what circumstances slow them down, Hornady Transportation is hitting at the heart of what truckers need. They need to have confidence that whatever life throws their way, they can still bring home a steady paycheck. Consider that trucking is a highly volatile industry based on fluctuating fuel prices, shipping rates, and freight demand. This can make it difficult for truckers who are supporting families back home or working to pay the bills.

As a progressive trucking company, Hornady Transportation is highlighting this pay issue among truckers and identifying a solution. Hopefully, other trucking companies will soon follow suit by offering truckers a baseline weekly income. And it should be noted that the $1,000 a week in guaranteed pay is just the minimum that these truckers are earning. They are almost certain to make more per week than this based on the freight demand of flatbed haulers.

Driving a Truck for Hornady Transportation

So how can you take advantage of this guaranteed pay at Hornady Transportation? For starters, you’ll need to be able to handle flatbed trucking jobs. This type of trucking job requires drivers to strap and tarp loads as needed. This is a more physically demanding position than that of dry van trucking jobs. However, for your extra effort, you can earn more money as a trucker.

The trucking company is currently offering a $2,500 sign-on bonus for all new truckers. You can earn an additional $1,000 for completing trucking orientation with the company, which is at the higher end of orientation pay. Chris Hornady adds, “We continue to grow. We’re up to 270 trucks and are always looking for quality drivers to join our team.” The president of Hornady Transportation, Joe Booker, notes, “Our top drivers average more than 2,300 miles per week, which is excellent in flatbed hauling. So, the miles are there for dedicated drivers who are looking to maximize their pay.” If you want to work for a company that offers plenty of hauls, Hornady hits a home run.

Source: Hornady Transportation - Press Release

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