Jones Technical Institute Offers Commercial Truck Driving in Florida

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commercial semi truck for j-techBecome a truck driver with CDL training at Jones Technical Institute in Florida. This truck driver training facility provides extensive training for students interested in becoming a well-rounded Florida truck driver. As you do your research on the different truck driving schools in FL, consider the following information about J-Tech’s CDL training program. It just might be the program that you choose to pursue in order to start your truck driving career.

About J-Tech

Jones Technical Institute, also known as J-Tech, is a 168,000 square foot training facility in Jacksonville, Florida. J-Tech is affiliated with the Sunstate Academy based in Clearwater. The academy was established in 1974 and both are part of the Compass Rose Foundation that’s been around since 1918. All in all, Jones Technical Institute is part of a long-standing commitment between organizations interested in helping students get the skills they need. This commitment extends to the community of truck driving students in Florida who want to get a CDL.

Commercial Truck Driver CDL Training

At J-Tech, students can take three different programs. These are automotive technology, diesel technology, and commercial truck driving. The J-Tech Commercial Truck Driving Program provides trucking school students with the skills they need to pass the Class A CDL exam in Florida. You are also prepared to successfully enter the trucking industry as a commercial truck driver.

CSA Score Training

The J-Tech Commercial Truck Driving Program requires 170 hours of training. It will take you about four weeks to complete the training program. This training is focused on the CSA scorecard. The CSA or Compliance, Safety, Accountability score will follow you throughout your truck driving career. Therefore, it is imperative to make sure you understand how to keep your score and rating excellent. The J-Tech training program provides you with this information.

The training takes a look at the seven Behavior Analysis Safety Improvement Categories or BASIC. These seven areas are where you will be evaluated whenever you get pulled for a DOT inspection. This includes random inspections, roadside inspections, and inspections at weigh stations. Therefore, you can rest assured that you will be able to maintain a stellar CSA score, which helps with a number of areas.

For starters, your CSA score is always pulled when you apply for trucking insurance. An insurance carrier will determine your insurance rates and whether or not they can cover you at all based on your CSA score. Whenever you apply for trucking jobs, your CSA score will be evaluated to ensure you are a good candidate. Once you get your CDL you will be able to access your CSA any time online. You just have to enter your name, Motor Carrier #, or DOT #.

Truck Driver Training

You will also learn everything you need to be able to pass both the written and skills portions of the Florida CDL exam. The school provides in-class training that covers the book knowledge for the test. In addition, you will have ample behind the wheel time to practice your driving skills. It is the ideal way to learn everything you need to be able to become a truck driver in Florida or any state. Speaking of which, if you are a resident of another state other than Florida, can you go to Florida trucking school? Yes, you can. However, when you take the CDL exam you must take it in your home state.

Getting a Florida CDL

When you finish the trucking school program at Jones Technical Institute, you may expect to be ready to pick up your CDL. However, that’s not exactly how it works. You need to take the Florida CDL exam and pass that successfully. The training institute will provide this testing for you as it is a third-party testing provider. Therefore, you will be able to take the CDL exam at the training facility, which saves you the hassle of dealing with the exam on your own. The program costs $3,070 if paid in cash. Financing options are available upon request.

Going to Trucking School

If you are on the fence about going to trucking school, you may look at a price like $3,000 and think that’s outrageous. However, think about what your four weeks and $3,000 will grant you. You will have a sure career where you are able to earn $50,000 in the 12 months after you completed trucking school.

Consider the cost of another career, such as teaching or being a police officer, and the price of training. Any other career that leads to $50,000 entry level pay will require four years or more of training costing more than $40,000 easily. When you compare the figures, the numbers don’t lie. Trucking is the least costly career to pursue with the greatest return on your investment. Now that’s smart business sense.

Source: J-Tech Institute - Info

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