Lewis and Clark Truck Driver Training Offers Driver Simulation and Tanker Training

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Trucker Passing Through Construction ZoneAs you start a career in truck driving, you’ll hear a lot about truck driver training programs. This is fast becoming the preferred method for getting a commercial driver’s license as well as getting hired by a trucking company. But did you know that some truck driving schools offer specialized training? Take Lewis and Clark Community College, for example, where you can choose from a variety of training programs and classes for truckers.

Trucking School in Illinois

For those interested in trucking school in Illinois, Lewis and Clark Community College offers several pathways. Lewis and Clark is an accredited public college in Illinois that was founded in 1970. More than 12,000 students enroll in LCCC classes each year.  Today there are a couple of locations for the college including:

  • Benjamin Godfrey Campus in Godfrey, Illinois
  • O. Nelson Campus in Edwardsville, Illinois
  • National Great Rivers Confluence Campus in East Alton, Illinois

For truck driving training, the school operates out of the Bethalto Training Center located at the NGRCC in East Alton.

Types of Truck Driver Training Programs at LCCC

At LCCC, you are provided with truck driver training that will enable you to prepare for taking the CDL exam. This program is available through the Mississippi River Transportation, Distribution and Logistics Consortium. For the coursework, you can choose between:

  • Integrated truck driver with certificate of completion
  • Extended truck driver with certificate of competition

The only difference between the two programs is that the extended truck driver training includes one class of driving simulation.

Cost of Trucking School in Illinois

The tuition rate at LCCC is $120 per credit hour for in-state students, and if you are out of state, you’ll pay $480 per credit hour. There are other fees and matriculation charges that must also be covered. Fortunately, since this is a public college, you are eligible to apply for federal student aid, work grants, and scholarships. The extended truck driver training is a 19-hour program for a total tuition cost of $2,280, while integrated training is an 18-hour course for $2,160—these are in-state tuition rates.

Advanced Training Opportunities

At LCCC, you receive hazmat training as part of your curriculum, which is an advantage over other truck driver training programs. You are thereby prepared to take the CDL endorsement exam for hazmat loads. Also, the truck driving program includes truck driver orientation, FMCSA safety regulations, and a class titled Targeting the Job Market.

The school has most recently added another advanced training opportunity. You can learn how to haul with a tanker trailer, which gives you the information you need to be able to get your CDL endorsement for tanker hauling. According to Harry Nelson, the truck driver training coordinator at LCCC, “The trailer extends the capabilities of our current program to provide unique training and experience in a trucking segment that requires specialized skills in hauling liquid materials.”

Source: LCCC - Info

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