Millis Training Institute Offers CDL Training in Five Locations

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semi truck from millis transfer on the roadAs you prepare yourself for a career in the truck driving industry, you might be interested in going to trucking school. This type of training gives you the skills and knowledge needed to successfully pass the CDL exam and get your commercial driver’s license. One trucking company in Wisconsin provides Class A CDL training for student drivers including military veterans. Check out the type of truck driver training you can get when you work for Millis Transfer and attend the Millis Training Institute.

Find a Trucking School Near You

The Millis Training Institute trains students in the following US cities:

  • Cartersville, Georgia
  • Eden, North Carolina
  • Burleson, Texas
  • Hamilton, Ohio
  • Richfield, Wisconsin

These locations provide a wide range of truck driving students with the chance to train in a professional setting. Millis Transfer provides this truck driver training for students interested in getting a Class A commercial driver’s license. A Class A CDL is all you need to be a full-fledged truck driver taking truckload OTR trucking jobs. At the Millis Training Institute, you spend 12 weeks in truck driver training learning everything you need to get your CDL. All in all, the total number of contact hours provided with this program is 166 hours.

What to Expect in CDL Training

The truck driver training program at the Millis Training Institute consists of three weeks spent in a class. This is followed by three days of truck driver orientation with Millis Training. Truck driver orientation is where you complete all necessary paperwork to be applicable to the Millis Training trucking fleet. If you successfully pass this process and are selected by the company to be a truck driver, then you will proceed to the next part of the truck driver training program.

This includes approximately nine weeks, to account for the total 12 weeks of the course, of OTR training. You will be placed with a driver trainer who is skilled as a mentor for student drivers. Plus, you get paid 43 cents per mile starting pay when you are OTR with a mentor. This behind the wheel, over the road truck driving experience will give you the skills you need to be a solo truck driver along with a paycheck.

How to Become a Student Driver

To get started with the Millis Training Institute as a student driver, you need to be at least 21 years old. This is to be sure you can cross interstate lines as a trucker with freight loads. You will get a complimentary breakfast and lunch along with accommodations while you are in the program. At the same time, there is a minimum fee that you must pay before starting trucking school here. Keep in mind the school offers financing to help you pay for this fee.

The training program is set up so that only six students total train in a single session. This puts the student to driver instructor ratio to 6 to 1. Notice that this is one of the smallest class sizes you will find consistently at trucking schools. What it means for students of the Millis Training Institute is that there is plenty of behind the wheel time. This practice is what you need to put your new knowledge into action.

If you don’t own your own big rig, which accounts for 99 percent of students, then this is the only opportunity you will have to practice driving a truck. That is a key part to being able to know what to do when you get behind the wheel, and it is essential for getting your CDL.

Bonus for Military Veterans

If you are a military veteran who was honorably discharged from service, Millis Transfer wants to show you support. The Wisconsin trucking company is offering military vets training at the school for only $1,000. This fee covers CDL A training at the Millis Training Institute and a driver mentorship with behind the wheel training. You are only obligated to drive a truck for the company for at least a year after you complete the program.

Finding More Trucking School Information

Here at Trucker Classifieds, we provide a wealth of resources for student drivers interested in CDL training. Look up all of the trucking schools in Wisconsin, Georgia, Texas, or any other state in the US. We have a comprehensive database of all of the trucking schools in every state. This way you can quickly search for a trucking school near you.

Whether you decide to train at a trucking company like Millis Transfer or through an independent truck driver training facility--we have the information you need to get started. Then when you graduate from CDL training and get your CDL as a professional truck driver, Trucker Classifieds is ready with tens of thousands of top paying truck driving jobs. Search and apply for your next trucking job today!

Source: Millis Transfer - Info

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