NFI Named Food Logistics Top Green Provider for 2018

Tuesday, Nov 20 2018 admin

nfi truck driver on the roadWhat does it mean to be a top green provider in the trucking industry? Are we talking about making customers green with envy or green with nausea at your services? Hopefully, none of the above. A green trucking company is one that focuses on sustainable transportation practices. This might be cutting down on fuel use or switching to APUs instead of idling for reefer trucking loads. Green providers are also trucking companies that haul freight for eco-conscious companies. Learn more about being a top green provider and driving a truck for NFI.

2018 Top Green Provider

NFI is a refrigerated trucking company in Cherry Hill, New Jersey that provides trucking services throughout the continent of North America. As an NFI truck driver, you will be working for a carrier that has been around since 1932 and has more than 10,000 employees. NFI has more than 4,000 trucks and 8,900 tractors in its fleet, which allows the company to generate a revenue of over $2 billion annually. However, it’s the green aspect of this New Jersey trucking company that is most attractive to Food Logistics.

Food Logistics is a leading publication dedicated to food transportation and the food supply chain. Each year the publication releases a list of the top providers including Top Green Provider for 2018. The Top Green Provider is a title that NFI has proudly held since 2013. To be responsible enough to be selected for this honor, NFI consistently focuses on environmental sustainability.

Sid Brown, the chief executive officer of NFI, said, “Social responsibility is a core company principle here at NFI and we continuously explore innovative ways to support customers with sustainable operations. Aiming to lower our environmental footprint through fuel economy improvement, alternative fuels, and green facilities, NFI has made sustainability a part of everyday functions.”

According to Editorial Director of Food Logistics Lara L. Sowinski, “The agricultural sector and food supply chains at large have long recognized the importance of environmental stewardship for long-term sustainability in both business and for future food production globally.” Recognizing and supporting those trucking companies like NFI that are excelling in green freight hauling is key to this process. One way you can do your part to support green trucking companies is to work for them as a truck driver.

Hauling Freight for NFI

As a Top Green Provider of refrigerated hauls, NFI of New Jersey is the obvious place to start looking for green trucking companies. Here at Trucker Classifieds, we feature all of the best paying reefer trucking jobs from green companies including NFI. You are able to search for trucking jobs and apply for jobs right away on our free and secure online platform. This way you are able to search for other refrigerated hauls and reefer trucking companies that are focused on sustainability.

Truck drivers for NFI include company drivers and intermodal team truck driving jobs. NFI also hires military veteran truck drivers, women truck drivers, and student drivers new to the trucking industry. You can also transition from a company driver role to your own boss as an owner-operator. NFI has the capacity to help you get started at any point in your trucking career. Furthermore, you can choose between local and regional trucking jobs and OTR trucking jobs. That way you can decide on whether to increase your home time or to increase your paycheck. Putting the power back in the driver’s hands is part of the process at NFI.

Some of the big names that reefer freight haulers work for include Panera, Dominos, Aramark, Sysco, US Foods, Reinhart, Specialty Foods, Key Foods, and Gordon. If you want to haul freight for refrigerated shipping customers like these, start today by applying for reefer trucking jobs at Trucker Classifieds. We place you in the driver's seat of reefer hauls nationwide. Whether you need reefer trucking jobs in New York or North Carolina, we've got you covered. Apply for a trucking job at NFI today by searching for jobs near you at Trucker Classifieds.

Source: NFI - News

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