New Jersey Trucking Company NFI Ranked Top 50 Trucking Companies

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nfi truck on the highway next to treesFor trucking companies in New Jersey, one carrier stands out above the pack. NFI was recently included on the Top 50 Trucking Companies for 2018 by Logistics Management. This prestigious listing showcases the best logistics companies in the trucking industry. As a truckload carrier, NFI also ranked on the Top 25 Truckload Companies by revenue. Check out what it takes for a trucking company to rise to the top like NFI, and how you can find top paying New Jersey trucking jobs.

NFI Leads in Full-Service Trucking

To be chosen for the Top 50 Trucking Companies in 2018, NFI presented itself as a leader in an array of service areas. For starters, NFI is well founded as a safe trucking carrier offering reliable freight delivery throughout the US and North America. CEO of NFI Sid Brown adds, “NFI is honored to be included on Logistics Management’s Top 50 Trucking Companies list. We work hard every day to provide exceptional value to our customers through innovation, technology, and unparalleled customer service. We are excited to see what the future holds.”

The company offers a variety of trucking services including refrigerated truck driving jobs, dedicated hauling jobs, intermodal freight hauling, and port drayage services. In addition, NFI is well founded in the number of industries it serves. Drivers for NFI can find themselves hauling everything from food and beverage to retail. The carrier also offers freight hauling services for consumer packaged goods and the manufacturing sector. In order to get all of this freight to the right places, NFI has developed an advanced logistics service to coordinate more than 4,000 truck drivers.

About NFI

The New Jersey trucking company NFI has been in the trucking industry for a long time. In fact, the carrier was established way back in 1932 as a family-owned business. Today the company is worth more than $2 billion in annual revenue and has more than 10,000 employees. The NFI fleet includes more than 8,900 trailers along with more than 4,000 tractors. Truck drivers for NFI have plenty to keep them busy thanks to the extensive service area covered by this leading logistics provider.

Driving Trucks for NFI

NFI works with all types of drivers ranging from student drivers who need to get a CDL to military veterans searching for trucking jobs. As a family owned and operated trucking company, NFI helps a variety of individuals find their right track for the trucking industry. The company has OTR trucking jobs, as well as local trucking routes and regional trucking jobs to best suit your schedule. As a driver for NFI, you are eligible to receive competitive truck driver pay along with bonuses and benefits. The company gives drivers access to a comprehensive health insurance program along with the latest safety equipment and technology.

Finding a Top-Paying Trucking Job

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