Old Dominion Freight Line Recognized as America’s Best Employer in 2019

Tuesday, May 14 2019 Randall-Reilly Editor

Recently trucking news was released about a major trucking company in the US that has been recognized by Forbes. Old Dominion Freight Line has been included on the 2019 America’s Best Employer list. Learn more about what it takes to be one of the best employers of the year and how you can work for this carrier. With the free truck driver tools here at Trucker Classifieds, we specialize in finding the top paying trucking jobs for you. Get started today and prepare for your next trucking job at Old Dominion Freight Line.

America’s Best Employer in 2019

To be honored by Forbes among the likes of Southwest Airlines, Costco, Google, and the Mayo Clinic is quite the honor. Yet here we find Old Dominion Freight Line, one of the oldest operating trucking companies in the US. As an employer on America’s Best Large Employers 2019 List by Forbes, this shows how well Old Dominion operates.

old dominion freight line truck on the road

Greg Gantt, CEO and President at Old Dominion Freight Line, said, “We were founded as a family run company, and with every new employee, we strive to keep the OD Family Spirit alive. The OD Family culture values safety, reliability, courtesy, responsiveness and professionalism, and each of our 23,000 employees continue to drive that mentality. They are the reason we earned this title.”

Companies were selected after going through a highly detailed review among the employees. Truck drivers and other employees at Old Dominion Freight Line discussed recommendations and evaluations. Based on these results, the trucking company was featured on America’s Best Large Employers list for 2019.

Working for Old Dominion Freight Line

If you are searching for trucking jobs at Old Dominion Freight Lines, note that this carrier provides LTL truck driving jobs nationwide. You can work as an LTL freight hauler handling drayage, expedited freight, and truckload hauls for this company. Old Dominion has 235 service centers across the US. To find trucking jobs at Old Dominion, check out Trucker Classifieds. With our extensive line of truck driving positions open and ready for you, there are plenty of options to choose among.

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Source: ODFL - News

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