PITT OHIO Selected as Top Green Supply Chain Partner for 2018

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Truck with red cab and trailerEach year Inbound Logistics magazine takes up the tedious task of choosing the best long haul and regional trucking companies. One company, PITT OHIO, was already in the running after being selected as the G75 Supply Chain Partner for 2017. PITT OHIO is a trucking company based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Find out what it takes to be a carrier like PITT OHIO and leading the way in supply chain sustainability.

People, Planet and Purpose

At PITT OHIO, employees have been coming together to follow through with a goal of sustainability. This goal involves focusing on three key elements: people, planet, and purpose. By focusing on these three things with everything that the company does, PITT OHIO has been able to streamline its attention on sustainability. This sustainability extends from making changes for its fleet to be more environmentally sound to spreading social awareness of being more eco-friendly.

For example, PITT OHIO has recently invested in all-electric forklifts as part of these changes. As explained by the director of sustainability and business intelligence at PITT OHIO, Justine Russo, “One of the most exciting developments is seeing the way our sustainability initiatives affect all aspects of the organization. Our electric forklifts are powered by renewable energy that we are able to generate and store onsite and these forklifts are also cleaner and quieter, which employees have said make for a better work environment. We are now installing electric forklifts at multiple facilities and are looking for where we can add renewable energy to power them.”

Future changes for PITT OHIO will include the construction of an additional micro-grid to provide renewable energy for the company’s forklifts, as well as yard and dock lighting. The company already has an existing micro-grid at their Pittsburgh truck driver terminal. An additional micro-grid will be located in Parma, Ohio at the Cleveland truck driver terminal. According to PITT OHIO, this new micro-grid will be able to produce seven times the amount of energy of the existing setup at the Pittsburgh terminal.

Sustainable Trucking Companies

PITT OHIO is transforming the way that trucking companies think about sustainability. Most carriers are already focused on sustainability at the fuel pump by using diesel emissions purifiers or new equipment with better fuel economy. However, the use of solar panels and micro-grids for powering up the terminal itself is revolutionary. In addition to cutting out the costs of electricity, PITT OHIO has also set forth the image of a highly sustainable trucking company.

There are plenty of shipping customers, and truck drivers alike, who want to be involved with a trucking company that has gone green. Eco-friendly trucking companies are a hot commodity among eco-conscious shoppers, shippers, retailers, and manufacturers. Why? When you are talking about environmentally sustainable freight, such as recyclable paper products or solar panels, everyone involved in these products wants to see a completely eco-friendly supply chain.

For example, customers expect for green manufacturers to use eco-safe warehouse practices, such as using an all-electric forklift. Green retailers who only deal in environmentally conscious goods will expect to see 100 percent eco-friendly packaging. Along the same lines, these same people would love to see their green goods arrive by way of a trucking company that uses solar panels to generate renewable energy.

It is a huge ethical consideration for these individuals, companies, and groups to have a totally green supply chain for their products. PITT OHIO is putting forth their best carbon footprint, which is bound to attract the attention of the eco-marketplace.

Working for PITT OHIO

If you want to get a trucking job for PITT OHIO and begin hauling for an environmentally aware company, here’s what you need to do to get started. Begin by considering which haul types are handled by PITT OHIO. These include LTL trucking jobs and truckload freight hauling. If you have experience in either of these areas, then you can move past go. But what if you are just starting out as a student driver? Check out the Professional Driver Apprenticeship Program.

Apprentice at PITT OHIO

As an apprentice at PITT OHIO, you are able to start a career in trucking without any previous trucking experience. The way this program works is unique to other trucking company training programs. Here you will go through at least three years in the program. You start out with comprehensive dock hand training where you will make $15 an hour. For the first year, you get to see what it is like to work on the other side of the trucking industry. This is essential to understanding how to load and unload freight, and dealing with the paperwork and concepts of the industry.

This is followed by one year in introductory driver training where you make $16 an hour. By your third year, you are in your driver training earning $17 an hour. By Year Four you are proceeding to driver licensing where you will get a CDL and advance to your trucking career. As a truck driver for PITT OHIO starting out you’ll be earning more than $20 an hour. Get started today by submitting your truck driver application at Trucker Classifieds.

Source: PITT OHIO - News

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