Ruan Transportation Celebrates Best Truck Driver and Operation for 2016

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ruan truck on the highwayIn July, Ruan Transportation Management Systems held its annual award ceremony for the company’s Driver of the Year. This year, the truck driver earning that top prize was Robert Moore of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Also, the trucking company’s operating terminal of the year is their Chester, Virginia facility. The Operation of the Year award ceremony will be held in Chester later in the year. Let’s take a look at this year’s Driver and Operation of the Year at Ruan Transportation to see what it takes to be the best in trucking.

Driver of the Year Robert Moore

Robert Moore has been driving a big rig for Ruan Transportation since 2011. However, Moore is a trucker with nearly 40 years behind the wheel covering more than 3.8 million miles as a commercial truck driver. Since Moore has been hauling for Ruan, he has not been in any preventable trucking accidents giving him a stellar driving record.

To be selected as the Driver of the Year, Ruan went on a search among 300 trucking operations nationwide to find the top drivers. The company started with a pool of 177 truckers who were nominated based on:

  • Customer service
  • Safety performance
  • Length of driving career with Ruan

Among these 177, there were 15 drivers chosen to be in the Winners’ Circle. These honorees all attended the Driver of the Year award ceremony in Des Moines where the top winner, Moore, took the prize. For his dedication and hard work, Moore won a cash prize and trophy. He can also add Driver of the Year to his trucking resume, if he were ever to need to look for a trucking job.

According to Ben McLean, CEO of Ruan Transportation Management Systems, “This recognition is our way of honoring your dedication, professionalism and ongoing commitment to Ruan. When you think about it, each one of us who works at Ruan defines the company by our actions each and every day. The fact is, our professional drivers are the most visible to our customers. Our customers judge the quality of our company on the service provided by their drivers.”

Trucking Operation of the Year in Chester

Ruan Transportation also chose their top operating facility for 2016, which is located in Chester, Virginia. This operation is managed by Fred Saunders, and it is the primary provider of freight hauling for Airgas Merchant Gases. There are 36 people working at the Chester facility. Among those, Ruan truck drivers cover more than 3.6 million miles annually. These truckers are providing tanker trucking jobs that haul chemical freight and gasses including argon, nitrogen, and oxygen. If you are interested in hauling for a gas company that requires a tanker and hazmat endorsement on your CDL, then Ruan is the place to go.

Driving Jobs at Ruan

What does it take to get hired by Ruan Transportation Management Systems as a truck driver? As noted, you need to get your CDL endorsement for hazmat and tanker haul types.  If you have these endorsements, you can find trucking jobs in:

  • Martinsburg, West Virginia
  • Joliet, Illinois
  • Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
  • East Chicago, Indiana
  • Chester, Virginia
  • Holstein, Iowa

If you are interested in relocating for trucking jobs, then Ruan may offer you a relocation package depending on your current location.

To qualify for Ruan trucking jobs, you’ll need to meet the following qualifications:

  • At least one year of over-the-road trucking experience within the last three years
  • CDL endorsements for hazmat, doubles/triples, and tanker hauls

Experience hauling hazmat and tanker loads, as well as in doubles/triples.

Benefits at Ruan

When hired at Ruan, you are eligible for top truck driving benefits. In addition to an average salary of $65,000, the company also provides you with sign-on bonuses and regular home time. In fact, more than 60 percent of drivers at Ruan are home every single night. You also receive full benefits after 60 days on the job. Ruan provides ongoing safety training for truck drivers to ensure you will be prepared to handle the specialized freight and hazmat hauls.

If you are interested in joining Ruan, a company that’s been around for more than 85 years, then submit your trucking job application today!

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