Ryder System is FL100+ Company for Software and Technology

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truck for Ryder on the roadRyder System was recently named to the 2017 FL100+ list by Food Logistics. This list includes the top 100 carriers operating in the food and beverage supply industry. To be included in this group is quite the achievement. For Ryder, it also shows just how integrated and innovative the carrier is when it comes to implementing trucking software and technologies. See what set Ryder System apart from the competition in order for the company to be featured in this listing for 2017.

Ryder Offers Innovation in Technology

Ryder System has been around for a long time, having been established in 1933. The company has grown dramatically over the years and now employs more than 34,500 individuals. Along with this growth, Ryder has dedicated a great portion of its team members to the understanding and application of trucking technologies. Several of the solutions that Ryder uses today help the company provide more streamlined and beneficial services for shipping customers. These include:

  • Ryder Dedicated
  • Ryder Choice Lease
  • Ryder Select Care
  • Ryder Share

Take, for example, Ryder Share. This is the latest innovation produced by the transportation company. Ryder Share is a data tool that uses cloud services. It is also an agnostic platform, which means it is compatible to use with most computer operating systems and other software services. With Ryder Share, the carrier has been able to increase its visibility of its drivers, freight, shipping routes, and all other aspects of the logistics and distribution chain.

Customer Service Improved With Technology

For instance, when shipping customers in the food industry use Ryder System services, Ryder Share lets the carrier track the shipment. In addition, the cloud-based technology will track the temperature of the freight at all times. If there is a change of temperature at any point in the delivery route, the shipping customer is notified immediately. This allows customers to gain control and trust in the abilities of Ryder System truck drivers.

It also helps bring in new shipping customers who want to benefit from this kind of transparency with their freight. The more a shipping customer knows throughout a delivery, the more confident they are with the drivers’ abilities. This means fewer frantic calls to dispatchers and drivers from shippers who are concerned about their goods in transit.

About FL100+ List

The FL100+ List is a way for Food Logistics magazine to highlight those companies that are dedicated to safe, innovative supply chain services. These companies focus on utilizing the most effective and efficient software and technology in their industry. Ryder, with its implementation of Ryder Share, has evolved into one of the forerunners of supply chain tech, thereby securing the carrier’s position on the FL100+ List for 2017.

Ryder Careers for Truck Drivers

As a truck driver who is interested in propelling your trucking career, there is one sure fire way to do that. You want to work for a trucking company that is driven to apply the latest equipment and technology to improve the work environment. As a leader in the industry, Ryder System offers that opportunity. You can choose from an array of trucking jobs at Ryder for freight hauling via these positions:

  • Solo driving jobs
  • Team truck driving jobs
  • Flatbed trucking jobs
  • Military truck drivers
  • Part-time truckers
  • Owner-operators

The majority of trucking jobs at Ryder System are available east of the Mississippi River. However, there are also active jobs open in California, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, South Dakota, and Nebraska. The company has more than 800 truck driver centers coast to coast, which provides trucking services for long-haul drivers.

Other Awards of Ryder System

In addition to being recognized by Food Logistics as a 2017 FL100+, Ryder has received the following honors and awards:

  • Named Finalist for the U.S. Chamber's Seventh Annual Hiring Our Heroes Award
  • Named Most Valuable Military Employer by CivilianJobs.com

Ryder is also an active partner with the Women In Trucking Association. This partnership allows women truck drivers to get scholarships for trucking school via the WIT group while driving a truck for Ryder System.

Apply for a Ryder Trucking Job Today

Whether you are a military truck driver, a woman driver, a student driver, or a seasoned veteran of the roads, there is a job opportunity for you at Ryder System. Prepare to be driving for a company that brings in modern technology to help drivers do their jobs faster and safer. If you are ready to apply for a trucking job, check out the path to success here at Trucker Classifieds. We have everything you need, in one place online and free of charge, for you to apply to Ryder for a truck driving position today.

Source: FL100+ - Info

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