Meet the Seven-Time Recipients of the SmartWay Excellence Award

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knight transportation truck on the highwayIn the trucking industry, you’ll notice that several carriers have recently been recognized as SmartWay Excellence award winners. SmartWay is a program provided by the Environmental Protection Agency as a way for transportation companies to improve environmental standards. Those companies that are awarded the SmartWay Excellence award have achieved the highest standards for this program. Meet two of the trucking companies that have been a SmartWay Excellence winner for a grand total of seven years out of the 11 years the program has been around.

Seven Years of SmartWay Excellence

The SmartWay program by the EPA was started in 2006, and each year since then companies that exceeded expectations received recognition. In fact, 93 companies have been honored with the SmartWay Excellence award more than once during this time period. Two of the companies have been seven-time awardees:

To be recognized for the Excellence award for seven out of 11 years is outstanding. More importantly, the reward recipients have been able to reduce fuel use and emissions to a vast degree. In fact, SmartWay Excellence award winners have been able to meet the following requirements:

  • Must use the SmartWay Tool for the entire year
  • Must provide supplemental information to the EPA upon request, as required by semi-finalists up for nomination for the Excellence award

These companies that are considered for the award are required to meet a stringent standard of emissions controls. For large trucking companies, this includes carriers within 14 categories including:

  • Heavy/bulk
  • Flatbed trucking companies
  • Truckload dry van haulers
  • Less-than-truckload dry van companies
  • Specialized freight carriers
  • Refrigerated trucking companies
  • Package haulers
  • Moving companies
  • Expedited freight haulers
  • Multimodal freight carriers
  • Auto carriers
  • Drayage haulers
  • Mixed carriers hauling more than one type of freight
  • Tanker companies

Among these companies, only about five percent are found to be able to meet the environmental performance standards for the Excellence award. These companies must:

  • Provide evidence that 98 percent of their miles are shipped via SmartWay partners while using the SmartWay Tool for tracking trucking data.
  • Show that the fleet is achieving top performance for carbon dioxide emissions based on the SmartWay Shipper Tool.
  • Submit an application requesting a review of the SmartWay Excellence award given out annually.

Furthermore, each trucking company that is nominated as a semi-finalist must provide a ton of documentation. Along with their application for the award, these carriers must show summaries, descriptions, proof, documentation, achievements, and efforts that all relate to how well the company performed via the SmartWay program. A lot of time and energy are invested by the company to achieve this recognition. Again, two of these companies have gone through all of these efforts to win this prestigious SmartWay Excellence honor.

Benefits of SmartWay Excellence Honors

All of the trucking companies that are SmartWay partners are already at the forefront of eco-friendly fleet technology. That’s because SmartWay and the EPA help trucking companies identify particular areas where they can improve. This is typically in the areas of reducing fuel consumption and cutting back on diesel emissions. Trucking companies that can cut back on the amount of diesel used are able to save thousands of dollars for each rig every year. Considering that diesel costs make up more than one-third of trucking operation expenses, this is a massive value-added prospect.

Reduction of Diesel Emissions

The SmartWay partnership is invaluable for trucking companies hauling in states with stricter diesel emissions standards. Take California trucking jobs, for example. California is one of the biggest states for trucking jobs and hauls in the US. The general population size, number of West Coast ports, and agricultural commodities that come out of this state keep many trucking companies running.

To be cut off from hauling in California because of failed diesel emissions standards would jeopardize trucking companies, big and small. Therefore, the technology the SmartWay partnership provides carriers for diesel emissions controls is paramount for many trucking companies.

Improving Trucking Customer Prospects

Additionally, as more companies and cities require improved diesel emission controls, trucking companies have to follow suit. Trucking companies often have a difficult time finding out the latest diesel emissions standards and regulations, as well as technologies to help limit emissions. This is where the SmartWay partnership shines. It provides trucking companies who partner with the program with personalized data about diesel emissions. This information is based on that particular carrier’s actual diesel emissions.

As such, the EPA also provides partners with tools and technology that can help carriers reduce emissions. It’s an important part of the partnership that also helps trucking companies secure more shipping contracts. Shippers search for trucking carriers that are SmartWay partners to handle eco-conscious shipments.

Companies like Roehl Transport and Knight Transportation that have been consistently recognized as outstanding achievers in the SmartWay partnership are showing their steadfast abilities to stay on a greener path in trucking.

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