New Trucker Parking Opportunity in Washington State

Tuesday, Oct 9 2018 admin

Parked trucksIf you frequently haul freight along I-5, into Seattle, or down into Oregon, then you know how stressful it is to find somewhere to park as a trucker. This part of the Pacific Northwest and Western Washington, in particular, are crowding out truckers who need to pull over to rest. Now with the ELD mandate, finding a parking place in the least amount of time and mileage is even more critical. To solve the issue, one trucking company, the Truck Depot LLC, is offering truck parking for commercial drivers.

Truck Parking Concerns

For truck drivers who can’t find somewhere to pull over for off-duty hours, this puts them at risk for a DOT violation. Getting a citation by a Department of Transportation inspector for not abiding by hours of service rules will hurt your trucking career—bottom line.

Yet most truck stops are now limiting truck parking to fewer than eight hours, which does not meet the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration guidelines for HOS. You are required to have 10 consecutive off-duty hours before you can get back on the road. And now with ELDs, you are automatically flipped into on duty whenever you start up your engine. Where are you supposed to go for those extra two hours?

One solution is to find a truck parking lot that allows you to stay for longer. Some truck stops now offer extended or reserved parking with a purchase. You either have to pay to park, i.e., $12 per night or you have to put a certain amount of diesel in your tank. Another solution is to go with a privately owned truck parking company. Truck Depot fits this bill by offering commercial drivers a members-only parking area.

Truck Parking in Washington

The Oregon company, Truck Depot, has been providing a membership service for truck drivers who need parking in the PNW since 2012. And according to their private equity investment offering this past September, their business is booming. They also offer long-term truck or trailer storage; vehicle repair services; warehousing for freight; and truck loading and docking capabilities.

The way the truck parking service works is you sign up for a membership. This membership allows you to park in a gated parking area that features 24/7 security. While your truck is sitting in the lot, you can take advantage of onsite truck maintenance and repair services. They have ASE certified diesel technicians ready to assist members.

If you are going to be staying home for a long period, such as for a vacation or surgery, you can leave your truck safely parked for an extended time. This offers Washington and Oregon truck drivers with the peace of mind that comes with paying for private parking privileges.

Pros of Private Trucker Parking

When considering whether to use private truck parking, start with the pros. No more worrying about lot lizards and drug dealers hanging around at seedy truck stop parking areas after dark. You can have your home time without being afraid your truck is getting broken into or vandalized. Your trucking employer also benefits from knowing that you are taking care of their property, in the case you are a company driver.

Cons of Private Trucker Parking

On the other hand, you are limited to where you can utilize this type of service. Consider that the Truck Depot is based in Oregon and just expanding into Washington. As such, this service is aimed at truck drivers in OR and WA or regional drivers on local truck driving jobs. However, you can find privately owned truck parking throughout the US.

Of course, the other con is that you have to pay a premium for this type of service. Gated 24/7 security doesn’t come cheap. Another consideration is that you typically cannot receive fuel, convenience store, or other basic truck driver services at these types of facilities. If you want a shower, shave, and something hot to fill your belly, you might be better off sticking with the fight for truck stop parking.

Finding Private Truck Parking Near You

This is a new type of service being promoted so you’ll see more of this available. Here is a complete list of all truck parking and trailer drop yards throughout the US to get you started. Notice that most companies offering private truck parking also provide diesel mechanic, truck leasing, or other values that could benefit you as a truck driver. However, you’ll also need to think outside of the box. Instead of looking strictly for private truck parking lots, search out local providers who offer plenty of space and security near you.

Another way you can find out about truck driver parking is to keep tabs on the latest trucking news here at Trucker Classifieds. We keep you posted with all of the information about trucker parking and other truck driver services. Of course, we also have the best paying trucking jobs and companies profiled for you. Get going with your next trucking job today!

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