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truck for the ait trucking schoolIndividuals in Nevada interested in becoming a truck driver have a valuable opportunity for training. The AIT Truck Driver Training school offers several courses for student drivers interested in starting a trucking career. You can choose a course that focuses solely on classroom and road skills, or opt for a program with an apprenticeship where you gain solo driving hours. Check out the four courses that AIT offers for student truckers in Nevada and Arizona.

Courses Available for Trucking Students

At AIT Truck Driver Training you can choose the training program that best suits your needs. The school offers the following courses:

  • Commercial truck driver training
  • Truck driver training course
  • Professional truck driver training
  • Diesel truck driver training

What’s the difference between the four?

Truck Driver Training Course

For entry-level trucking students who are just getting started, the truck driver training course offers basic knowledge of being a trucker. This course is for students working to get a commercial driver’s license. It includes classroom instruction covering Department of Transportation regulations and inspections, as well as trip planning and how to handle different types of cargo. Also, the course provides behind the wheel training over the road and range at the school.

Commercial Truck Driver Training

The commercial truck driver training goes a step further to provide students with CDL training, in addition to externships. This temporary training program places drivers with local trucking companies where they drive with trucking trainers. This is an excellent opportunity for students to gain behind the wheel, driving experience that they need when applying for trucking jobs. By the time you complete the commercial truck driver training program, you have accumulated solo truck driver time for your trucking resume.

Professional Truck Driver Training

Students who want to go a step further with CDL training should consider the professional truck driver training course. This program offers the basics of being a trucker including classroom instruction and behind the wheel practice. However, you also get a more in-depth understanding of what it is like to be a professional truck driver.

You learn how to handle trucker finances, so you are better prepared to balance paying the bills back home with having enough money to run on each week you are over the road. The class also covers emergency procedures, extreme driving situations, CPR/First Aid training, and the use of specialized rigs for oversized loads. You also have the opportunity to apprentice at a local trucking company in Nevada or Arizona where you gain behind the wheel solo driving experience.

Diesel Truck Driver Training

Just like the professional truck driver course, the diesel truck driver training program is more extensive. You get the basics of how to earn a CDL, in addition to more knowledge about working in the Class 8 trucking industry. However, the difference is that with this course you do not get the externship opportunity.

Paying for Trucking School

The estimated cost of tuition for AIT is $9,450. However, that does not include books, supplies, living expenses, and other costs. Fortunately, the school offers financing, grants, and student aid, as well as the ability to use military veteran education funds. You can also get a tuition reimbursement from trucking companies hiring student drivers just out of trucking school. Start the process by contacting AIT Truck Driver Training.

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