Hottest Trucking Jobs that are Left Sitting: Oversized Loads

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blue tarp oversized loadDid you know that oversized loads are some of the best-paying trucking jobs on the market? It’s true, but these are also some of the hardest trucking hauls. As a result, oversized loads are one of the hottest trucking jobs left sitting. Here’s a trucker’s dilemma—do you take a trucking job that is easy and quick but pays less than one that requires more time and effort? This is the case with oversized trucking jobs. If you are interested in hauling oversized loads, check out these pros and cons so you can make the smartest financial trucking move for you.

Issues with Oversized Loads

An oversized truckload will almost always be put on a flatbed trailer. That is the first concern because a flatbed load will require more hands-on work throughout the trucking job. You may need to tarp and strap your load, and if so, you’ll have to stop and check your holds like clockwork. In many instances, you’ll have to physically climb up on the trailer to do so, which can be a hassle when it’s pouring down rain or burning up outside—not to mention the time it takes out of driving.

Restrictions for Oversized Truck Loads

Then you have the very nature of what constitutes an oversized truckload. This load will be either larger in width or height than a normal truckload, or it will cause your rig to weigh more than the allotted 80,000 pounds. This is why it is called an oversized load. Sometimes the load will be just an inch or two longer or a couple hundred pounds overweight. However, when you have a load that is excessively larger, it requires additional oversight.

You must follow restrictions for oversized truckloads as noted in the cities and states where you are hauling from and through. Generally, this involves getting an oversized load permit that allows you to haul the freight. It also means you can only drive during the daylight hours. When the sun sets, you are required to sit until the sun rises, which greatly cuts into your driving time. This also forces you to drive during peak traffic hours, another issue for truckers who want to get the load delivered without spending too many hours on the job. You might end up having to take four days to deliver an oversized load when a regular load would have taken you only two days.

Benefits of Taking Oversized Loads

So why take an oversized load at all? What are the benefits for truck drivers? For starters, the shipper will typically compensate you well for your time. Oversized loads automatically draw a larger fee, which is passed along to the driver. This means you might be able to make as much per day as you usually do, while only having to deal with loading docks and paperwork one time—instead of two or three times when covering multiple deliveries. For truckers who despise paperwork or who want to have shorter driving days, oversized loads are where it's at.

When you take oversized trucking loads, you are also getting invaluable trucking experience that you won’t get with normal loads. You understand how to handle specialized truckloads and gain behind-the-wheel experience you can add to your resume. Sometimes those oversized loads are just plain cool. It’s definitely a good day when you can show your kids or grandchildren pictures of what you’re hauling, and they get excited. It gives you something to be proud of when you haul interesting freight.

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