9 Trucking Schools in Colorado

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truck driver view of coloradoWhile Colorado is the center of the nation in terms of truck driving routes, the state lacks in opportunities for student truck drivers. In fact, there is only one college currently open to students training to get a CDL. Fortunately, there are several professional trucking schools that are highly reputable in the Centennial State. To help you choose the best trucking school currently accepting students for CDL training, take a look at these options.

Colorado College Trucking School

As noted, there is only one community college currently providing a truck driving training program:

  • Aims Community College in Greeley

Other colleges including Peak Technical Institute are no longer enrolling students or they have closed their CDL training programs. This is interesting considering the growth of the truck driving occupation since the last decade. Hopefully, more community colleges and technical institutes in Colorado will recognize the need to train students as qualified truck drivers and offer more training programs in the future.

A quick look at statistics of truck driving jobs from the Colorado Motor Carriers Association adds to this discussion. As of 2013, the trucking industry accounted for nearly 100,000 jobs. One out of 20 workers in Colorado was employed as a commercial truck driver. The average salary for truckers in Colorado in 2013 was $48,114 and accounted for more than $4.8 billion of the state’s total wages.

Being able to continue to employ qualified truck drivers requires more training opportunities. Colleges that offer these training programs enable students to graduate with certificates or diplomas from accredited schools. This is vital if Colorado hopes to keep its roads and drivers safe through truck driver training programs.

Professional Trucking Schools in Colorado

While the state lacks in collegiate accredited trucking schools, Colorado is winning at offering truck driver training privately. There are several programs currently training CDL students including:

  • Careers World Wide in Denver
  • CDL College in Commerce City
  • Commercial Vehicle Training Center in Watkins
  • Excel Driver Services in Henderson
  • Northern Colorado Truck Driving Academy in Fort Collins
  • SAGE Truck Driving School in Denver
  • Springs Truck Driving School in Colorado Springs
  • United States Truck Driving School in Wheat Ridge for Denver and Colorado Springs

Fortunately, each of these schools has a good reputation for providing students with valuable training at an affordable price tag. For starters, most of the schools provide several financial assistance options. For example, if you are a military veteran, you are likely able to use your GI Bill benefits to pay for your truck driver training. USTDS provides several other veteran assistance programs to help support those in the military. You are also able to use Workforce Development funding at several of these schools. If you are qualified for this program, check with your advisor to see which schools are currently approved for training.

Paying for Truck Driving School

How much do you have to pay for private trucking school in Colorado? Let’s look at CDL College in Commerce City for an example. This school offers several different classes along with independent training courses. You can also save money by choosing to bring your own truck for the training sessions. This gives you the advantage of finding the right type of training for your needs while saving you money whenever possible.

For the Class A course, which offers six two-hour lessons and one-on-one training, the total cost is $1,500. If you want more training for your CDL, check out the Class B program. This program includes 12 two-hour lessons along with personal training for $2,700. Each of these programs offers a training certificate to recognize your hard work and success upon completion.

Tuition Reimbursement for Trucking School

Another option you can choose is to opt for a trucking school sponsored by a trucking company. If you do this, you can be eligible for tuition reimbursement. Check with the program you are considering to see if they are affiliated with a trucking carrier. Then check with that company to see if they offer tuition reimbursement.

The way this works, generally, is that you will pay for your truck driving school up front and the company will reimburse you once you graduate and start driving for them. However, some companies pay you in a lump sum or several big payouts, while other companies pay drivers a small amount over the course of a few years. Before you commit to any company just for their tuition reimbursement program, be sure to read the fine print so you understand what to expect.

Benefits of Colorado Trucking School

While there are a limited number of Colorado trucking schools available to student drivers, this should not dissuade you from attending a program. The reason why you should go to trucking school is to receive qualified training that will ensure your safety and professionalism as a truck driver. You are also able to learn the information and skills you need to be able to pass your commercial driver’s license exam.

What is the biggest concern with trucking companies looking to hire new drivers? Finding quality drivers, and you can step up to the plate by getting trained prior to starting your career. This puts you in the fast lane to be able to find the top paying trucking jobs where you can excel in your career. More importantly, it ensures you are going to be a safe truck driver who understands the rules of the road and how to complete your route efficiently each and every time.

Then once you have graduated from Colorado trucking school, check out the trucking job openings here at Trucker Classifieds. We will help you find that perfect trucking job to give you a jumpstart on your career as a rookie truck driver. You can apply online for trucking jobs and find out more about companies currently hiring people like you.

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