5 Trucking Schools in Idaho

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Idaho is a state in the Pacific Northwest that is known for far more than potatoes. Here the landscape is rugged and mountainous. Yet the state serves as a transportation route between the West Coast port cities and the rest of the western states. Idaho also ranks high for economic development and for its business environment. If you interested in a trucking job in Idaho, you’ll need to start with getting a CDL. The quickest and most effective method is to attend a truck driving school in Idaho. Here is an updated list of the truck driver training programs that offer this opportunity.

College of Southern Idaho in Twin Falls

The College of Southern Idaho has offered truck driver training in previous years as late as 2014. However, it is not clear whether the school is currently providing CDL training. According to the CSI, in the past truck driver students could take a Class A CDL course. The school partnered with Sage Truck Driving Schools, a nationwide truck driver training company. Students who attended the course at CSI are provided with the information and skills they need to get their Class A CDL, as well as the endorsements. Please check with the school at 208-878-5802 to see if they are offering this same training for the current school year.

College of Western Idaho in Nampa

The College of Western Idaho in Nampa, Idaho has a professional truck driving program. However, according to the school, the program is not taking new students. As of March 2018, the professional truck driving program is being reviewed with a thorough program evaluation. Once this evaluation is completed, the school may reopen enrollment. Request more information by calling the College of Western Idaho student services at 208-562-3000.

North Idaho College, Coeur d’Alene

At North Idaho College, students have the option of taking two different types of commercial driver classes. If you are new to the trucking industry you need to get a commercial driver’s license. As such, the Commercial Driver’s License CDL Class A program offers everything students need to be successful. This course is hosted at Post Falls, which is in between Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and Spokane, Washington. As a border town, students to go to the North Idaho College for trucking school will be trained to get a CDL in Idaho and Washington. Students will then be able to get a CDL in the state where they are based.

The CDL training program offers between 140 to 160 hours of training depending on the individual student’s needs. This total training includes 50 hours of behind the wheel training, as well as 40 hours in the classroom. The school also offers 70 hours of training in the driving lab, on the driving range, and in observation by instructors.

For truck drivers who have been out of the business for a while and are interested in jumpstarting their trucking career, the North Idaho College offers a CLD Class A Refresher/Upgrade course. This program gives drivers who already have a Class A CDL the opportunity to freshen their skills. Maybe you have been out of the industry with a job change or due to personal reasons. Maybe you just want to give yourself the ability to train with the latest trucking regulations. If you already have a Class A CDL, then this program is for you.

Sage Truck Driving School in Blackfoot, Caldwell, and Coeur d’Alene

The Sage Truck Driving School is a nationwide truck driver training program. While the school has dozens of locations around the US, Sage also has facilities in three cities in Idaho. Choose from Blackfoot, Caldwell, and Coeur d’Alene for a truck driver school near you. Each of the locations are approved by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC) to offer highly rated and industry-specific training. The school also works with trucking students out of the military who have GI Bill benefits. By attending the Sage Truck Driving School in Idaho, military truckers can use their benefits to help them be able to pay for truck driving school.

Idaho CDL Training in Boise

The Idaho CDL Training school is a privately owned and operated company. Instructor Harry Packwood has been a Class A CDL holder for more than 14 years. In addition, he is actively enrolled as an Idaho Law Enforcement Officer. Along with Packwood is Isaac Gordon who has more than 15 years of law enforcement experience. This professional experience ensures that the Idaho CDL Training School is able to provide premium one-on-one training with trucking school students. Once you complete the training program, the Idaho CDL Training school is a testing center. That means you’ll be able to take your Class A CDL exam right there in the same area where you completed your training while using equipment you are familiar with.

Going to Trucking School in Idaho

While there aren't that many different truck driving schools, each one offers a unique perspective for students. As you decide where you want to attend truck driving school in Idaho, consider a few key factors. For starters, you need to find out how much the training costs and if financial aid is available. Also, consider the location since most truck driver training programs do not have onsite housing. Look for schools and facilities near your home base to save money on housing while in training.

Another aspect of a truck driver training program is whether or not the school is affiliated or sponsored by a trucking company. This type of connection can help you secure truck driving jobs in Idaho after you graduate. The best way to get these specific answers is to reach out to programs and learning centers you’re interested in. Request additional information to help you decide which truck driver training program will be best for your trucking career.

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