24 Trucking Schools in Missouri

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White truck riding next to concrete barrierThe Show Me State of Missouri offers plenty of truck driving jobs for truckers. That is to account for the economy here, which is fueled by transportation equipment, light manufacturing, food processing, beer, and aerospace. These industries all have one thing in common—the need to find a dependable fleet of truck drivers. To accommodate this demand, Missouri certainly has enough trucking schools to go around. You can find a truck driving school for every budget, as well as training for every skill level in most parts of Missouri. Here is a comprehensive list of the truck driving schools in Missouri.

Professional Truck Driver Training in MO

If you want professional truck driver training without having to go back to college, there are 15 options available in the state. Only one school, the 160 Driving Academy, has multiple locations, which are in Springfield and Kansas City. Notice that St. Louis and Springfield are the only cities with more than one training facility:

  • C1 Truck Driver Training in Springfield
  • MTC Driver Training in Hazelwood
  • Clement Truck Driving Academy in Phillipsburg
  • Witte Bros. Truck Driving School in Troy
  • Southern Missouri Truck Driving in Malden
  • Truck Dynasty Driving Academy in Bois D’Arc
  • Ozark CDL, LLC in Rolla
  • Ozark Driving Institute in Cabool
  • CASE CDL Training in St. James
  • CDL Pros in Blue Springs
  • 160 Driving Academy in Kansas City and Springfield
  • Missouri Driving School in St. Louis
  • CDL Ready Inc. in Lee’s Summit
  • New Way Truck Driver Training in St. Louis
  • Hook Up Driving Academy in Joplin

Trucking Companies Training Drivers

In Missouri, there is only one trucking company listed as having a truck driver training program in the state:

  • Prime, Inc. in Springfield

Prime, Inc. is a well-respected trucking company that has been in business for more than 40 years since 1970. The company includes several divisions including refrigerated hauling, flatbed trucking jobs, tanker loads, and intermodal truck driving jobs. The company is headquartered in Springfield, and this is also where the trucking school is located. Other terminals for the company are in Pittston, Pennsylvania and Salt Lake City, Utah.

The Millennium complex in Springfield, Missouri is located at the headquarters of Prime, Inc. The facility features a fitness center with basketball court, laundry facility, daycare for children, truck driver showers, convenience store, and hair salon. The complex is also the location for the Campus Inn, which is where students go to train for their CDL. At this truck driving school, students eat, sleep, and learn all while staying in onsite hotel rooms. The school provides some training using a simulator driver training lab.

After you graduate from Prime truck driving school, you have access to the ACE II Program at the company. Through Prime’s ACE II Program, you gain advance knowledge and skills for your trucking career. Meanwhile, trucking school graduates progress on to become solo drivers for Prime earning top pay and driver benefits.

Community Colleges Training Truck Drivers

In Missouri, there are half a dozen community colleges that offer truck driver training. This is exceptional as some states lack community college training for student drivers. Here is the list:

  • State Fair Community College in Sedalia
  • St. Louis Community College in Forest Park
  • Mineral Area College Truck Driver Training in Park Hills
  • Crowder College Truck Driving in Neosho
  • Metropolitan Community College in Kansas City
  • State Technical College of Missouri in Linn

The benefit of having community colleges that extend this training opportunity is that student drivers get more of a college experience. Thankfully, with truck driver training you only have to sit in a classroom for somewhere between six and 16 weeks on average. For most student drivers, that’s plenty enough time to spend training. What you really want to do is to start looking for trucking jobs.

Technical Institutes Offering Trucker Training

There are a couple of technical institutes in Missouri that offer truck driver training. These schools are located in two of the most populated cities, making it more convenient for the trucking student population to find a school:

  • Midwest Technical Institute in Springfield
  • New Reflections Technical Institute in Kansas City

Technical institutes, like community colleges, give student drivers a more collegiate experience. Plus, you most likely will interact with other college students who are in other departments, adding to your experience. Another benefit can be that you are able to get financial aid from a technical institute for your truck driver training.

Finding a Trucking Job

As a student driver or someone preparing for trucking school, you might think your trucking job search is a long time off. However, there are several reasons why you need to start searching for a trucking job now. Yes, there is a driver shortage and you can find some top paying trucking jobs at the moment. So why do you need to start searching before you’ve even got your CDL?

You may want to get your name in the ring even if you don’t have a CDL yet. Trucking companies regularly recruit student drivers, and they offer them pre-hire letters for truck driver orientation. You don’t have to have your CDL to get a trucking job. You do have to prove that you are actively involved in either finding or starting trucking school. In addition, when you search for trucking jobs near you, you can find trucking companies nearby that offer student driver perks.

These perks range from 100 percent tuition reimbursement to company-sponsored truck driver training. In fact, if you find a trucking company you want to work for that offers sponsored truck driver training or some affiliate program, you can go to trucking school for free. Trucking companies that offer free truck driver training include Swift Transportation and Roehl Transport. In this situation, you would need to be admitted into training with your employer before you have a CDL.

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