7 Trucking Schools in Nebraska

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Semi truck cab and trailer on the roadNebraska is one of the busiest states for truck drivers on multiple levels. Located in the Great Plains, Nebraska is a major thoroughfare for truckers hauling agricultural commodities, farming implements, heavy equipment, and oil mining products in the region. In addition, the state is historically railroad accessible, which adds to the increasing number of intermodal truck driver jobs here. It should also be noted that Nebraska had the lowest unemployment rate in the nation in 2015 at 2.5 percent. All of this combined leads to great things for truck drivers in Nebraska. There are plenty of loads to go around and the state needs qualified, trained truckers to handle it all. Get started with a career as a trucker in Nebraska with trucking school for training.

Professional Truck Driver Training

In Nebraska, there are three privately owned truck driver training companies.

  • JTL Truck Driver Training in Omaha

The JTL Truck Driver Training is a truck driver training school providing Class A CDL training. Students receive 160 hours of classroom and road course training. Classes run daytime, evenings, weekends, and part-time. Along with learning everything you need to get a CDL, the training provides you with the skills to pass all of the CDL endorsement exams. The training program is also a third party testing provider, which means you’ll be able to take your CDL exam at JTL for your convenience.

  • Central States Safety and Driver Training in Kearney

At Central States, students interested in a career in trucking have access to a PTDI-certified training program. Being certified by the Professional Truck Drivers Institute is the best a trucking school can do to show they are highly reputable. Only those training programs that have passed an extensive review, and that offer all of the PTDI-recommended training, can be certified.

  • Custom Diesel Drivers Training in Omaha

The Central States Safety and Driver Training school provides CDL training in four weeks, which includes 160 in-class and road course hours. The school offers day, night, and weekend courses to accommodate Nebraska student drivers.

Community Colleges in Nebraska

There are more community colleges in Nebraska offering truck driver training than in most Midwestern states.

  • Northeast Community College in Norfolk

At the Northeast Community College, students take Class A CDL training in a six-week program. Within that time you will receive 190 hours of training in the classroom, as well as 50 hours of behind the wheel training for a total of 240 hours. Along with learning everything you need to know to pass the CDL exam, you also pick up the information you need to pass the CDL endorsement exams.

  • Central Community College in Hastings

Central Community College is also a six-week training program. Here you can take either the Class A or Class B CDL training. Class A requires you to be 21 years old, while 18-year-olds can complete Class B training for a CDL that allows them to haul freight only in Nebraska. Once students complete the program they receive a Truck Driving Certificate that shows they have received 12 total college credit hours of training. However, you will receive 240 hours of instruction. This includes 50 hours of behind the wheel training that includes at least 500 miles over the road with a driving trainer.

  • Metropolitan Community College in Omaha

At the Metropolitan Community College, students can take a Class A CDL training course. This program includes 40 hours of classroom instruction, as well as 148 hours of backing and driving time. The behind-the-wheel training includes 20 hours of strictly training to back up a big rig, along with 30 hours of driving time. The training program is available for six and nine-week sessions depending if you go during the day or in the evening for training. Also, Metropolitan Community College offers the Specialist Certificate of Achievement. What this involves is 28 total weeks of training in which you learn everything about being a truck driver including First-Aid/CPR, work experience, and preventative maintenance.

  • Southeast Community College in Lincoln

The Southeast Community College offers a Class A CDL training program for Nebraska student drivers. The college provides accommodations for students at the Milford Campus for the 10 and a half week training course. The program covers dry vans and flatbed hauling, as well as behind the wheel training. Students who complete the training receive a certificate of completion along with 18 college credit hours.

Trucking Companies Training in Nebraska

Werner Enterprises is a national trucking company headquartered in Nebraska. The carrier provides a free student driver training that continues to prepare you for a professional trucking career. Please note you do have to have a CDL in order to complete student driver training at Werner. The training prepares you to be ready to drive for Werner after you graduate from trucking school. In addition, this Nebraska trucking company will pay you back for the money you spent on trucking school tuition. That’s right, the money you spend on CDL training at a Nebraska trucking school will go right back in your pocket when you work for Werner Enterprises.

Finding Trucking Jobs Online

To apply for a trucking job as a trucking school graduate, check out our resources here at Trucker Classifieds. Along with all of the trucking schools in Nebraska, you can find trucking schools listed for every other state in the Lower 48. We also list all of the top paying trucking jobs in Nebraska and the rest of the nation. In fact, Trucker Classifieds is a one-stop shop for all of your trucking job resources. From finding a trucking school and a trucking job to applying to that job online, we have everything you need to get hired by a trucking company today. Find out more by checking out our trucking job listings today at Trucker Classifieds.

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