17 Trucking Schools in New Jersey

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US Xpress Truck Driver Driving on County RoadIn New Jersey, individuals who want to become a truck driver have several options for training. There are more than a dozen trucking schools in NJ that offer CDL Class A training programs. Note that there aren’t any community colleges or technical institutes here training truck driving students. That means you will need to work with either a private trucking school or a trucking company if you want to receive CDL training. To help you find trucking schools near you that can provide you with this vital training, check out this comprehensive listing.

Trucking Industry in New Jersey

The New Jersey economy is heavy on agricultural commodities. In fact, the second largest product of blueberries hails from the Garden State. Nursery stock, dairy products, horses, and seafood are also huge industries in NJ. However, it is the coastal location of the state that brings in the most freight demand. The Port of New York and New Jersey and the Port Newark-Elizabeth Marine Terminal is the busiest port in the East Coast. It’s also the third busiest on the planet, which equates to a substantial amount of freight for truck drivers. As a result, there are a surprising number of trucking schools per capita here.

Privately Owned Trucking Schools in NJ

Here in New Jersey, the trucking school market is made up primarily of privately owned training facilities:

  • EZ-Wheels Driving School in Union City, Passaic, Hopelawn (Woodbridge), Elizabeth, and Morris County
  • Winsor’s Tractor Trailer Driving School in Linden
  • Jersey Tractor Trailer Training in Lyndhurst
  • Express Driving School in Harrison and Plainfield
  • Smith & Solomon Commercial Driver Training in Bordentown, Linden, Lakewood, and Bellmawr
  • Superior Tractor Trailer Training in Toms River
  • Master Driving School in Morristown and Paterson
  • Driving Academy Car and CDL Truck Driving School in Linden
  • Mr. Driving School in Middlesex
  • JR CDL Truck Driving School in Dunellen
  • Providence Driving School in Bayonne
  • Felito Driving School in Union
  • Ideal Driving School in Clifton, Union City, Elizabeth, and Fords
  • Joseph’s Driving School in Willingboro
  • North Ave Driving School Inc. in Elizabeth and Newark
  • Mike’s Driving School in Williamstown

Each of these trucking schools has a well-established presence in the New Jersey trucking community. Most have been around for 20 years or more, and several have multiple locations for your convenience. As well as private companies that solely provide CDL training, one trucking company in NJ trains drivers. Bradway Trucking, Inc., that offers truck driver training at:

  • Bradway Truck Driving School in Vineland

By choosing a trucking company to train with you benefit from free or paid CDL training. This way you can get a jumpstart on your career without needing to spend a fortune. Even more importantly, you are right in line to get a trucking job in New Jersey with the company that trains you. This helps you get your wheels rolling without any behind the wheel experience.

For most student drivers, this is the only way to get into the trucking industry with zero years under their belt. You can start out with a training company and gain the entry-level experience you need. Then with miles behind you, you are in a better position to negotiate and boost your pay rates. In the trucking industry, skilled drivers are getting harder and harder to find. If you can gain the experience you need to become an experienced truck driver, you will be able to command more money and benefits.

Going to Trucking School in NJ

To find trucking jobs in New Jersey, your first priority is to get a commercial driver’s license. You must have a Class A CDL to take any OTR freight loads including regional trucking jobs in the Northeast. The easiest way for an inexperienced truck driver to get a CDL is to go through truck driving school. In a training facility, you learn everything from book knowledge to road skills.

All of the information you need to know in order to be a successful trucker is provided through these training programs. More importantly, you get a chance to start building up your network of truck driving buddies. These truckers will become your community as a professional truck driver, as well as a way to find trucking job lead information and trucking news about the industry.

Finding Trucking Jobs in the Northeast

Truck drivers living in New Jersey are in a unique geographical situation. The small size of the state at only 70 miles wide and 170 miles in length creates a multi-state trucking job marketplace. Here you can just as easily work for a trucking company in New Jersey as you can in Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware, Connecticut, and Maryland. Same goes for trucking schools. If you want to go to a community college or tech school training truckers, don’t let New Jersey’s lack of schools stop you. Check out one of the bordering states for a trucking school near you.

Another place you can turn to when you need to find trucking jobs in the Northeast is Trucker Classifieds. We have a complete list of all of the trucking schools in every state in the nation. Look up trucking schools nearest to you or those that offer the exact type of training you need to get a CDL. Trucker Classifieds is also the premiere online listing for trucking jobs. You will be able to find the trucking jobs by haul type, in a certain city, or by trucking carriers you are interested in working for.

Applying for Truck Driving Jobs Near Me

Once you find a trucking job that revs up your engine, it’s time to get your truck driver job application in asap. The best paying jobs always get filled first, so be ahead of the competition with our instant online trucking application process. Fill out a few simple questions about your work history, and search for the highest paying trucking jobs today.

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