8 Truck Driving Schools in New Mexico

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schnider big rig coming down the highwayNew Mexico is a gateway state to the bustling truck driving hauls coming out of California and Texas. As a result, there are several trucking schools here to help train New Mexico truck driving students. These schools range from privately run CDL training to community colleges offering truck driver training. To get started with your truck driving career in New Mexico, check out these eight trucking schools.

Private Trucking Schools in New Mexico

There are three schools in New Mexico that are privately owned and operated. These include:

  • Gallup CDL Training Center in Gallup
  • Artesia Training Academy in Artesia
  • Train IT New Mexico in Roswell, Albuquerque, and Farmington

These schools are each independently owned and offer small-scale classroom sizes for training. This is ideal for students who are new to the trucking industry. If you have never been behind the wheel of a big rig, then you want to have as much one on one time as possible. Of the three schools, Train It New Mexico appears to have the most experience in teaching students.

Trainers have 25 years of experience that they can offer to students. In addition, this school serves three different areas, which increases your opportunities. Along with CDL training, you can also pursue other truck driver training programs at Train It. These include OSHA training; DOT compliance; snow and ice control; and truck and car awareness. You can increase your job hiring potential by getting additional, specialized training here at this CDL school in New Mexico.

Community Colleges in New Mexico

Several of the community colleges in New Mexico offer truck driving training including:

  • Central New Mexico Community College in Albuquerque
  • San Juan College in Farmington
  • Luna Community College in Las Vegas
  • Dona Ana Community College in Las Cruces
  • New Mexico Junior College in Hobbs

Choosing Community Colleges for Trucking Students

When considering whether to attend a community college for CDL training, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. For starters, you will find that truck driver training at community colleges fall into two categories.

First, you have training that is conducted in an adult continuing education department. This falls outside of the traditional credits and courses, so you will not be able to receive a degree as a truck driver. Instead, you will receive a diploma or certificate stating you completed truck driver training. What this also means is you can’t transfer credits from one CDL training program to another. Also, since you are taking continuing education courses, you are not eligible for federal financial aid or grants.

The second category of truck driving classes at community colleges includes credit-seeking programs. In this case, you would enroll in the college by providing transcripts and SAT/ACT testing information. You would most likely have to take general courses, like English and math, to be able to complete your program. However, by the end of your training, you will have an associate of science degree. This degree is transferable and you could continue with your education if you wanted to.

Most of the community college CDL training programs you will find in New Mexico offer a standalone non-credit bearing certificate. For example, the Central New Mexico Community College in Albuquerque offers a Class A truck driver training program. Once you graduate you receive a Central New Mexico Truck Driving certificate, as well as a Professional Truck Driver Institute certificate. That’s because CNM is one of the few community colleges in the Southeast that offers PTDI certified training.

Very few CDL training programs are PTDI certified, which means they have been industry approved to provide the most comprehensive CDL training. However, when you complete the program, you will not have a college degree that can be transferred. What you will have will be a very good training background that is PTDI approved.

Becoming a New Mexico Truck Driver

As you pursue your career as a New Mexico truck driver, starting with truck driver training is the right move to make. You gain the skills and behind the wheel experience, you need to become a professional trucker. At the same time, you make connections and network with your future truck driving community. Those truck drivers you meet while in training may become your team driving partner or someone you say hello to as you pass through Albuquerque. So how do you go from getting into trucking school to becoming a paid truck driver?

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