16 Trucking Schools in New York

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As you get started with your truck driving career in New York your first goal is to get qualified. The easiest and fastest way to become a qualified Class A truck driver is to attend truck driving school. When you are looking for truck driving schools in New York, the easiest way to sort through them is by area. Several of the neighborhoods in New York City have trucking schools, as well as the state at large. As you consider your options for CDL training near you, use the following information as your guide.

Trucking Schools in New York State

In the state of New York, there are five schools outside of the NYC metro area. These include:

  • Commercial Driver Training in West Babylon
  • Sage Truck Driving School and CDL Training in Endicott
  • Sage Truck Driving School and CDL Training in Rome
  • National Tractor Trailer School in Buffalo
  • All Star Tractor Trailer School in Albany

Each of these schools offers training in a private, professional truck driving school. One name, Sage Truck Driving School and CDL Training, is quite popular thanks to school locations throughout the US.

Truck Driving Schools in Queens

The New York City borough of Queens has the largest number of trucking schools in one community in the state. Here is a list:

  • Sunny Truck Driving School
  • Ferrari Driving School
  • Queens Trucking School
  • Northside Driving School
  • Atlas Driving School CDL Bus Training

Trucking Schools in Brooklyn

The borough of Brooklyn also offers CDL training for trucking school students at the following:

  • Ferrari Driving School

The Ferrari Driving School has several locations throughout the city, making it convenient for students to receive their training.

Truck Driving Schools in the Bronx

In the Bronx, you have four options for truck driving school:

  • Truckar Driving School, LLC
  • Ferrari Driving School
  • Al Sorano's Professional Driving School
  • Colwell's Driving School

Trucking Schools in NYC

Finally, we have the following school that is in New York City proper:

  • Barnes Driving School in New York City

Being a Truck Driver in New York

When attending a truck driving school in New York, whether you are in the city or the country, keep one thing in mind. There are plenty of truck driving jobs in New York when you graduate. The state is a huge agricultural producer, as well as one of the biggest economic hubs on the planet. Here you are also within the New England and Northeastern states that typically pay premium rates for truck drivers. These states demand a lot out of truck drivers, which means you can expect to earn big bucks.

There are several reasons for this. First of all, you have the severe winter weather that slams the Northeast each winter. This harsh northern climate makes trucking difficult for those who are not accustomed to the road conditions. In addition, there are several key ports in the northeast including the Port of New York and New Jersey. These ports only add to the number of New York trucking jobs you’ll be able to find. Whether you have an interest in being an intermodal or dedicated freight hauler, you can find hauls in port locations.

New York City, in particular, also has some of the worst gridlocks that you will face as a truck driver. If you think navigating those NYC streets in a taxi is rough, try doing it with an 18-wheeler. However, for truck drivers who are qualified and well trained, this is just another day and another route. All of that starts with getting the right truck driver training in New York. Then you are ready to secure the top paying trucking jobs with companies that hire student drivers.

Trucker Classifieds for Trucking Jobs

Another way you can find trucking jobs for carriers that hire student drivers is to check out Trucker Classifieds. We maintain the latest job postings for the best paying trucking companies. Jobs for students are listed right alongside trucking jobs for experienced haulers. You can start searching for your dream job right now even if you don’t have a CDL yet. Plus, you get a glimpse of what kind of truck driver benefits and pay rates you can look forward to once you get hired as a trucker. This can help you decide what you want from a career and what you will be willing to settle for when choosing your first truck driving job.

It all starts here at Trucker Classifieds where you can find and apply for a trucking job for free. All you have to do is search for jobs near you, or for companies you want to work for. You can also search for all of the trucking jobs in New York or for certain haul types, like flatbed trucking jobs. When you find some jobs you like get a jump on the process by submitting our simple truck driver job application. Within minutes your application information will be in front of a potential truck driving recruiter. So get started today!

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