14 Trucking Schools in Tennessee

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White truck riding next to concrete barrierAs a Tennessee resident interested in a trucking job, you first have to get your commercial driver’s license. The easiest way to get CDL training is to go to truck driving school. As you look for TN trucking schools to learn the skills you need to get your CDL and first trucking job, we have what you need. Here at Trucker Classifieds, we provide you with everything you need, all for free, to find and apply for truck driver jobs. This includes trucking school information and resources to help you train to be a trucker.

Private Trucking Schools in TN

The majority of the CDL schools in Tennessee are privately owned and operated. In addition, most are independent and local with the exception of Roadmaster. The Roadmaster Driving School has multiple locations throughout the nation. As you consider a trucking school for your training, start by looking for the training centers near you. Here is a complete list of the TN trucking schools that are privately managed:

  • United Truck Driving School in Murfreesboro
  • Tennessee Truck Driving School in Louisville
  • Truck Driver Institute, Inc. in Christiana
  • CCS Truck Driving School in Fall Branch
  • Roadmaster Driving School of Memphis, TN in Millington
  • Smokey Mountain Trucking Institute in Sevierville
  • Lockhart Trucking Academy L.L.C. in Lebanon
  • Superior Drivers Institute in Columbia
  • TLD Truck Driving School in Crossville
  • Oak Ridge Truck Driving School in Oak Ridge
  • Road Runner Driving School in Sharon
  • Titan Transfer Truck Driver Training in Shelbyville
  • Drive-Train in Jackson

When considering the right Tennessee trucking school for you, take a look at each of these independent training programs. Each will have its own cost for tuition, a timeframe for teaching students, and open days for enrollment. Contact the program administrators to receive additional information about applying to their truck driver school training program.

Community Colleges and Technical Institutes

In Tennessee, there is only one technical college that offers CDL training:

Tennessee College of Applied Technology in Memphis

Here you are able to train as an entry-level student driver. The training lasts for two months, at a cost of $1,422 for tuition and fees, plus $334 for textbooks and supplies. You are able to graduate with a certificate showcasing your skills, as well as all of the information you need to pass the Class A CDL exam in Tennessee. This provides you with the piece of paper that allows you to apply for TN trucking jobs near you. Start working for top-rated trucking companies in the Southeast and start earning big money today.

Choosing a Tennessee Trucking School

Once you find the closest Tennessee trucking schools to you, it’s all a matter of narrowing down your options. There are a few key factors that most trucking schools focus on. The first is the price. You most likely have a set budget or price range for how much you are able to pay for trucking school tuition, books, and testing fees.

Set Your Budget

Start by figuring out how much you can spend, and how you would be able to pay in another way, such as with scholarships or personal loans. Fortunately, most trucking schools now provide financial assistance services. Contact the school to speak with the financial aid office to find out more information.

Determine Your Training Timeline

The next step is to figure out how long the actual training will last. Typically, CDL training has multiple parts. The first part of the program is spent doing paperwork, such as filling out your commercial driver’s license application. You also spend this time in the classroom learning knowledge that is key to passing the written part of the CDL exam.

The rest of the time is spent on behind the wheel experience through a driver simulator or with actual driving practice. If you are driving as a student driver, you must have your CDL permit and a driver mentor with you.

The average length of trucking school varies. Some schools promise to train you in as little as three days while other schools require you to attend classes for eight weeks or more. There is most likely a school in Tennessee that provides a program that will train you in the time you need to train. If you need to find a trucking job fast, opt for a shorter program.

Keep in mind, if you don’t have the skills, a short program will not automatically grant you a CDL. You must still pass the CDL exam at your local Department of Motor Vehicles. Therefore, be super realistic with yourself on how much you already know about being a trucker and how fast you learn new information. After all, if you need to get a CDL to move on to the next step in your truck driving career.

Find Trucking Jobs in Tennessee

Whether you are interested in reefer hauling jobs, tanker jobs, intermodal freight, or dedicated routes out of Tennessee, we've got a job for you. In fact, here at Trucker Classifieds, we have hundreds of thousands of trucking jobs. Each trucking job we feature has been vetted to ensure the employer is one of the best trucking companies in the US. After all, in order to be the best you have got to work with the best. Those trucking companies are also the ones paying the best pay rates for truck drivers, as well as comprehensive health care benefits and retirement options.

Better yet, these companies also give you great things like safety and performance bonuses. Start getting the praise and pay you deserve as a truck driver. Use Trucker Classifieds to search for those companies that want drivers like you. They are willing to pay, but first, you have to apply for that trucking job. Get started now and make the best change in your trucking career.

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