USA Truck Announces Regional Driver Pay Increase

Tuesday, Sep 11 2018 admin

usa truck rolling across bridgeAs a part of USA Truck’s renewed commitment to its drivers and their continued success, the carrier is raising pay for its regional class A drivers effective September 9, 2018.

“We are very proud of our driving team and all they do to make USA Truck what it is today,” says James Reed, USA Truck President and CEO. “This pay increase reflects our personal commitment to making USA Truck a place where every team member can grow and thrive in both the quality of their company experience and personal income.”

Reed says the company stands behind its belief that all employees’ compensation should be tied to results and not just experience alone. “This is why we are so excited to introduce our new regional pay and weekly productivity pay,” said Reed. “The pay increase includes updated and higher regional base pay, an expanded 20-year pay scale, and weekly productivity pay. This is truly unique because at USA Truck, productivity pay is now earned weekly as part of a driver’s base pay – not monthly or quarterly. We want to instill the pay philosophy of Drive More, Earn More for our drivers.”

Making sure professional drivers are safe is a top priority at USA Truck. As a result, productivity pay will continue to be tied to safely operating equipment. Each week, USA Truck drivers who operate safely can add up to an additional 6 cents per mile (CPM) to their weekly pay.

“Depending on your location, you can earn up to 52.5 CPM. It is as simple as this: When you drive more, you earn more with us,” Werner Hugo, Senior Vice President of Trucking, says. “At USA Truck, there are only two jobs: Drivers and Driver Support. Our new pay program is just one example of what is new and different about USA Truck for drivers. There are a variety of other outstanding programs and perks at USA Truck. This is an excellent time for drivers who are looking for a better opportunity to join with us.”

USA Truck, a Certified Top Pay Carrier, has openings now for regional runs in the Northeast, Midwest, South and Southeast regions. These runs include the productivity pay package outlined above, in conjunction with drop-and-hook freight, as well as generous bonuses for fuel, loyalty and referrals. The company strives to provide several career paths for drivers to choose from including dedicated routes, trainer certification, or resources for becoming an owner-operator. USA Truck has established relationships with a number of equipment vendors to assist lease purchase and independent contractors in building or expanding their businesses. As an added advantage for driver satisfaction on the road, pets and riders are welcome at USA Truck.

For more information on USA Truck’s productivity pay or career-path opportunities, visit

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