YRC Freight Awarded National LTL Carrier of the Year

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freight truck for YRC on the roadTo be honored as the best LTL carrier in the US over the course of a year is a major accomplishment. Recently, the National Shippers Strategic Transportation Council (NASSTRAC) gave that honor to a Kansas trucking company. YRC Freight was recognized as the National LTL Carrier of the Year by NASSTRAC in their annual awards ceremony. This recognition places YRC Freight as a leader in the trucking industry. See how the company became known as a top carrier in 2018.

Superior LTL Freight Services Award

YRC Freight is a consecutive winner of the National LTL Carrier of the Year award by NASSTRAC. The trucking company received the award for the first time in 2009, as well as in 2012 and 2017. Each year a company is selected based on the results of a survey of NASSTRAC association members.

Regarding the recent honor, YRC Freight President T.J. O’Connor said, “We are very proud when an individual customer singles us out for recognition. It is even more significant to be singled out by an association made up of other professionals who represent experts in the transportation and logistics industry. This award is a tremendous recognition of the dedication of the YRC Freight team to provide superior service to our customers with every shipment.”

Customer Service

In order to receive recognition as the top LTL carrier in the nation, YRC Freight had to do more than just deliver the goods. The trucking company in Kansas is expected to provide premium service across the board. This includes giving shipping clients optimal customer service throughout the freight hauling process. In addition, YRC Freight is expected to perform with excellence in operations, which involves minimizing freight damage or freight loss.

Delivery Flexibility

The trucking carrier also needed to exceed expectations with delivery flexibility. After all, shipping customers frequently have to amend orders, pickup times, and delivery locations simply based on the nature of freight. This is even more crucial in the LTL trucking jobs sector where freight loads consist of freight from dozens of different shippers. Whereas a full truckload driver only has one or two stops per delivery, an LTL truck driver is more likely to drop off freight at 10 or more customers along a route. Flexibility is paramount in this service segment.

Billing and Technology

YRC Freight was also looked at for offering billing accuracy along with claims resolution. From providing correct invoices, bills of lading, and POs, the carrier also offers a quick way to resolve any freight loss claims. YRC Freight is also a leader in technology leadership by utilizing the latest trucking technology to provide shipping customers with the services they need and expect.

Driving for YRC Freight

Since 1924, YRC Freight has been providing LTL trucking jobs across the US. If you want to join the YRC Freight team as an LTL truck driver you are making a smart decision. As a leader in the LTL freight industry, YRC Freight offers excellent truck driver benefits and competitive wages. In addition, drivers have the ability to maintain consistent freight loads, which gives them the regular weekly pay they want to earn.

Along with receiving the NASSTRAC LTL Carrier of the Year award, the company was also voted LTL Carrier Partner of the Year in 2016 by Unishippers. YRC Freight was also one of the Top 100 Carriers in 2016 by Inbound Logistics and No. 5 on the CCJ Top 250 for 2016 and 2017.

Finding a Trucking Job Today

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Source: YRC Freight - News Release

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